The Delhi High Court has ordered Google India and Facebook India to search a method to remove objectionable content and images from their sites or these sites will be banned in India.

Justice Suresh Kait warned that if the Internet giants cannot monitor their content, India will follow China’s censorship lead.

Kait said Thursday that “Like China, we will block all such websites,”

But if Google and Facebook do tamper with objectionable content, it will be the same as if they had written it, according to Indian media outlet NDTV. Once the Internet giants start to interfere, they become legally creditworthy for content under the Indian Information Technology Act.

Mukul Rohatgi said on behalf of Google India that the search giant cannot filter “defamatory obscene and objectionable” content. He argued that neither Google Inc nor domestic branch Google India, the holding company, are creditworthy for third parties content.

“No human interference is possible and moreover, it can’t be feasible to check such incidents,” Rohatgi said. “Billions of people across the globe post their articles on the website. Yes, they may be defamatory, obscene, but cannot be checked.”

Do you think the Internet giants should try to find a method to sort objectionable content to appease the Indian High Court? What do you think the Indian Government will achieve by blocking and Google or Facebook? Let us know in the comments.