Planning out an outing, a self indulgent get away from the sordid mundane life? Who would you turn to for a recommendation for the same? The friends or family who around you? However now there is a poignant tool available with you to get all the travel suggestions and information that you need – Touristlink, or the social network of the travelers which allow you to get acquainted with all fellow travelers in the world and get expert first hand advice from those who have had much more deeper experience in exploring your destination spots.

If you are having trouble finding sites which provides you with an easy experience and allows you to book services online then perhaps the easiest and most concrete solution that lies with you is Touristlink. Whatever you need, Touristlink can accommodate the same, then be it requesting a taxi to pick you up from the airport or an easy and guided trip to an ancient popular destination. Once you put up the request, the same is send across various guides and travel agents, totally corresponding to your needs and then you get to see the offers the have made and choose the one which you feel is the most appropriate. Thus, this social platform gives you an easy way to get in touch with the local guides, fellow travelers, businesses and a lot more.

Touristlink is build with a goal to provide all the fervent travelers a platform to construct relationships with the fellow travelers and services provides, ask various questions and get answers, and all the communication need not even have to end up in sale. It gives an opportunity to the local tour agencies to be informed if someone is soliciting their services, looking out for different prospects and thus offers them the best travel services. This platform is easy; fee based and takes hardly a deal of a few minutes for any business to join in.

Why Travelers Should Use Touristlink’s Service ?

A traveler is basically looking for an experience of traveling, but most of the time they just have to spend time thinking which hotel to check in, where to stay etc. Touristlink allows the users to get a grip of and understand what exactly they about to get in are and how the experiences of the other travelers were with the same place. It gives you the comprehensive list of attractions of any of the destination based on the rankings given by the travelers who have actually been there.

With the increase in the membership, the rankings that the tourist destinations holds also increases. This is an important factor in helping the travelers make up their mind, as they would know how much the surfing enthusiasts have ranked the beaches of Bali or how much the nature lovers have ranked the wild life sanctuaries in India or what all restaurants have caught the fantasy of the women traveling to Paris. So what Touristlink actually does is that it allows the travelers to organize and categorize each of the tourist destinations, according to his or her taste and interest, also depending upon the rankings other fellow travelers gave to the particular place.

The Elementary Products and Services of The Business

Touristlink is primarily aimed at catering to the need of travel activities market by offering a service which enables the travelers to solicit the very specific services they require and reveal to them various offers from those in a position to offer.

Many of the transaction in this marketplace, which is expected to be over $80 billion are still taking place offline and around 90% of the provides have confessed that they are concerned with the problems of product display and issues pertaining to costs of the current distributions channels which are the great road blocks in increasing the sales and the revenues.

The sole intention behind the existence of Touristlink is to provide an easy solution to this problem and become the website which will provide a marketplace that is easy to access and interact with and an online place where travelers can interact with fellow travelers who share their passion of traveling, and also with the local businesses, in order to have a smooth traveling experience, without any anxiety or grievances.