There are lots of tips for improving battery life on phones and computers and speeding them up. However, if you’re not satisfied with how your Android phone’s battery works, along with following all those typical tips like switching Wi-Fi off, you can use several apps that are designed especially for boosting battery life in Android smartphones and making them work faster. Here are the most useful ones among those apps I’ve ever seen and tested:

1. Juice Defender

Juice Defender, which can be found at Google’s Play store for free, is a great Android app for boosting battery life. What the app does is very simple yet effective – it turns off or limits the Wi-Fi and Internet connections when they’re not being used, and it saves energy, which is good for your phone’s battery life.

Of course, your phone won’t receive any updates if the Internet is off, and that’s the downside of this app. But if you know a necessary update is available, you can turn the app off and download it, so it’s not a problem at all.

By the way, you can find the paid version of this app at Google Play, too, and it does have more options, but the free version is also quite enough for improving the battery life of any Android mobile phone.

2. Android Booster

Just as its name suggests, Android Booster is an app that boosts the battery life in Android phones. It has much in common with the previous one, plus some extra features like showing which apps consume your phone’s battery at the moment so that you can turn them off. It also helps to improve the RAM and the speed of your phone (by turning off all the unnecessary things again).

Android Booster can be downloaded for free from the Google Play store, and the huge number of positive reviews it has received makes me think it’s really something worth being recommended.

3. GreenPower

Just like the first two apps, GreenPower can automatically manage your phone’s wireless connections. The best thing about this app is – it can disable the Internet connection yet leave the email push features on – this way you’ll save battery life, but still receive your emails.

This is the only paid app from the list, and it costs £1.99. Not too much for such a useful feature though.

4. Battery Booster

Battery Booster is free and it does almost the same as the previous apps from this list – saves battery life. It’s easily customizable, and you can use it to turn off only some of the current apps/programs that are affecting your Android phone’s battery life.