After surpassing the market cap of the 2 biggies and its biggest competitors of the tech world (combined) in the beginning of this year, Apple is just not looking back. Apple had come a long way since 1999, when its market cap was meager $9.29B and emerged as an enormously profitable company.

Apple has attained such great heights that its iPhone business alone has made Microsoft run for its money. It is just 5 years since commencement of the iPhone business and in December, last year iPhone alone generated a total revenue of $24.4B as compared to Microsoft $20.9B.

After winning the legal battle with Samsung, the Cupertino-based company has again made news as its market cap soars such heights that it has surpassed all the 4 tech. giants (Google, Microsoft, Amazon and Facebook) combined. Check out the figures:

Value by market cap:

Whereas, Apple is standing alone on the top of the hill and crushing all its competitors with an enormous figure of $632.56 billion which was only $9.29B in 1999. By looking at these figures all we can say is that Apple inc. is on fire and An Apple a day keeps your competitors at bay.