Are you stuck with jQuery issues in WordPress 5.5? And searching for the solution How to Fix the WordPress 5.5 jQuery Error?

Your search ends up here. Today, I will provide you the best solution to fix jQuery Issues in WP 5.5. But before that, let me tell you what are jQuery Issues?

What are jQuery Issues in WordPress?

To take full advantage of WordPress plugins and themes, it’s important to have no conflict while using it. While talking about jQuery, it is a broadly utilized, remarkable javascript framework. It is necessary to maintain its utility, but sometimes the jquery in WordPress gives you some issues.

WordPress itself uses jQuery in its structure. However, when we attempt to include various query versions and their modules, this prompts a few issues or conflicts with WordPress core.

Now, let’s see why some WP website owners are facing jQuery Problem after upgrading to WP 5.5

Why Users of WordPress 5.5 Facing jQuery Plugin Update Problem?

When the new WordPress version was launched called ‘WordPress 5.5, there was no jQuery Migrate 1.x. Because of this, some sites were addressing the breaking of site issues. Even some of the themes and other plugins were creating the same range of problems.

This shows, WordPress 5.5, is holding no more default migration tool known as jQuery-migrate. So, you might face unexpected jQuery problems. Even those who are using older code can face the same errors.

Every problem has a solution, so to resolve the jQuery conflict in WordPress, you don’t have to struggle more. WordPress itself employs the jQuery in its framework. So, there is no need to add any extra jQuery script again. For removing the conflicts when you are upgrading the jQuery functions, you need to take care of something like you should not use outdated plugins.

According to a WordPress Core Committer report, there were 2400 plugins which can somewhere cause breaking of sites in WordPress 5.5, if you have disabled the jQuery Migrate.

So, make sure that the jQuery Migrate is enabled. If still you are addressed with the same error after upgrading to the latest version. Then you can do one thing, install and enable jQuery Migrate Helper to restore functionality.

How to Resolve WordPress 5.5 jQuery Issue?

jQuery Migrate Helper is a new plugin of WP 5.5. This plugin is launched to restores the jQuery Migrate library errors. You can install this new plugin and let your site perform smoothly.

But let me clear you one thing, this plugin will only make your site work again but not fix what is wrong with the site. For example- if your image slider is not working correctly, that means you might probability using the outdated plugin. So, you need to update the image slider plugin for better uses.

But here one question arises what if there is no update available for the plugin?

If in case there is no updated version of a particular plugin available, that means you’re probably using an abandoned plugin. Now, what is an abandoned plugin?

Basically, abandoned plugins are outdated plugin that is not updated for more than two years. Moreover, if there is no update of plugins for such a long time, it may pose compatibility issues with WordPress. It’s best to stop using that plugin. Abandoned plugins can cause security issues.

Thus, if the plugin or theme is up to date, you will be in a better place in terms of security and user experience for your site visitors.

WordPress 5.5 Latest Version Update Issues:


WordPress 5.5 offers great features to develop and design simple or complex websites, blogs,etc.. However, users face various conflicts with themes and plugins. As a result, they might have to face issues like breaking sites. Apparently, the most significant issue comes from WordPress’ users How to Fix the WordPress 5.5 jQuery Problem?

However, I have discussed the solution to the above question. I hope you find this blog helpful to fix such issues.