AdSense is a well-known platform for publishers and advertisers to have proper information and insights about their website performance, audience, and content. The motto of launching this platform was to enable publishers in making decisions to grow their businesses.

On 25th August 2020, the latest and new version of AdSense is announced, and you can see this in your account in a week. They also make it clear that they will launch the new version in a different phase. The mission of the new launch is to make the business earn more profit from its advertisements.

Here you can experience auto up-gradation of your AdSense account. Although, you have the facility to switch your account between the old and new versions by clicking the toggle at the top of the page. They have also announced, in September they will retire the old reporting page.

Highlights of Contents

What’s new

  • User-friendly Interface: To make the account more reliable and flexible, they have redesigned the interface. Here you can easily perform the selection of date ranges, filters, breakdowns, etc. Even, they have removed the metric families and added new metrics picker to get your work done more quickly.
  • Effective Chart Display: The new version of AdSense will consist of improving charts, and more importantly, closely integrated with the table. Now you can efficiently display your data series on a chart in just a single click.
  • Mobile Compatibility: Presently, the reporting is a mobile-optimized page, so to implement the same improvements on desktop and mobile devices.
  • More supportive: In order to have a proper explanation of metrics, the information icons in the interface is redesigned for you. This will help you to know more about the products.

Further, to compose a more accurate report, the reporting of data is limited to three years. You can avail of this attribute for all AdSense products such as Adsense for content, AdSense for search, etc. Now, there will be no more YouTube & AdMob data from AdSense reports.

What for the future?

In the coming year, the focus will be on delivering the right content. They will shift to contextual reporting of data, hence making it easier to grow your business. This will allow you to receive more insights from the data you already have.

Plus, for the coming year 2021, they have announced that they will upgrade API and other parameters and signals to enhance the performance of AdSense and make your business more profitable.

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