Evaluating how much data you are utilizing in a given month from your iPhone is not a problem anymore. Now, it has become really easy to assess how much data you have used on your iPhone, read on further to know more.

In order to determine how much data you use on a monthly basis, all that you have to do is log on to your account on AT&T’s wireless website and then create a billing report which you will find under the “Bills and Payments” section and click on “Create Billing Report” and there after “Data Usage Trend.” This will provide you with a detailed graph on the amount of data that you are using. Another way of determining how much data you are using is through your service provider’s online data calculator.

Discover how much data you have used for AT&T, Verizon, or rather sign in to your Sprint account.  However this third and more comprehensive way only required you and your iPhone to find out how much data you have utilized.

To begin with open your iPhone;s settings app and scroll down to “General” and then click on “usage.” You will be greeted by minute breakdown but at the very end you will be able to see your data usage, both sending and receiving across the cellular network and if you are not accustomed to resetting your stats, you may find the number to be considerably high.

Owing to the fact that existing customers can keep the plans they are currently working with, and easily reset the statistics right now simply by clicking the “Reset Statistics” button at the bottom of the screen. Eventually users may check next week and know how much brand width they have consumed in a week’s time. This will make taking the decisions pertaining to switching on to some other plan etc a lot easier.