The race to become the world’s best web browser saw a new enthralling turn when Google’s Chrome jumped ahead Mozilla’s Firefox to become the world’s number to web browser, according the reports of StatCounter. Chrome is now lagging behind Microsoft’s Internet Explorer by a few naughts.

The Wall Street Journal, reported the recent development by citing the market shares of each one of it. While Chrome’s owns 25.69% of the entire market share, Firefox is languishing at 25.23% and Internet Explorer, according to the same report is enjoying a king sized Market Share of 40.63%.

Although talking about the U.S. Market alone, the figures are not as rosy for Google Chrome. It is still number three with 17.3%, though an increase of 6.41% as compared to last year. The top spot was again occupied by Internet Explorer with 50.66%, an increase of 0.42% and at second place was Firefox with 20.09%.

Everything is not completely a smooth ville for Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, especially in the smartphones and tablets market. It was reported last month by another researcher, that there was a first ever fall in below 50% category in its market share. Where Safari, the in built browser for Apple powered applications claimed 62.12% of market traffic, Internet Explorer was left far behind, languishing at 52.63% of desktop traffic.

Chrome is not being placid after the current appraisal and is planning on expansion through Googl’e mobile Android platform. The web browser which is reaping the benefits f being promoted on, has been in the industry for past three years and in October is expected to reach 200 million users benchmark.

Besides, it also was the most popular browser to access Mashable in August.