Have you ever measured how big SEO industry is? BlueCaribu, a Spanish based SEO service provider answered this question positively with an innovative and infographic manner. According to this infographic, more than 3.5 people search for the term “SEO” every second and 9 million+ internet users are digging up for the search results each month.

People are getting more curious about the term Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and keen to look for information in different ways. This infographic revealed that more than 863 million websites exist on the World Wide Web that have mentioned the term “SEO”. More than 164k YouTube videos related to SEO have already been indexed till date.

According to this infographic, Los Angles tops on the chart with maximum searches for SEO in the U.S., whereas India comes first among the countries that are interested in SEO strategy. Pakistan, Philipines, U.S, and Canada are followed by India in the list.

Another fun fact revealed in this SEO infographic is that the most popular month is March and the most popular day of the week to search for those who are looking for SEO is Thursday.

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