Since September 2011, more than 30 products has been axed by Google, a few more in a row. Google is constantly coming up with latest products and services, but the company started up with spring cleaning this summer. Google will be discontinuing a few products by the end of spring this year. Below is the summary of the changes revealed by Google:

Google Mini

It is one of the personalized homepage offering by Google, which was introduced in 2005 is going to be axed by the end of July. The existing Mini customers will get regular technical support during their contracts.

Google Talk Chatback

A Google Talk widget offered by Google was a hit to engage the visitors, but with the launch of Meebo Bar, he decided to turn off the Chatback as it has become slate now.

Google Video

Google took a long time to decide discontinuing this product, he could have done this earlier in 2009, when he stopped taking uploads. Google revealed that he will be moving all his remaining content on YouTube soon and will give a final goodbye to video. He did mention that the regular visitors can check YouTube blog for more updates.


Another personalized homepage by Google in the market since 2005, could not reach the expected heights. Thus, Google decided to wind down iGoogle as various modern apps are available and running successfully on chrome and android. He announced that the users can export their data within 16 months.

Symbian Search App

Google decided to cut off the faded service and switch over its focus from app to web-based services. He decided to focus on its social network Google+ and make continuous updates to increase user-experience.

In upcoming months, these few products would not be there on board with Google. Are you going to miss any one of them? Share your views and comments below.