Its seen in this year, the demand of Full Stack Developers increasing Rapidly. But Before get into this article, will give you the slightest idea of what you are diving into so, will start with this:



A full stack developer is like one of that versatile artist, who can play every role which has given to them. They can act, sing, be a DJ, present a show, even direct and produce. They may not have won an Oscar or a Grammy, but they still have the experience of playing every single role perfectly like Jack of all.
Most of the dedicated Full Stack developers are capable of developing intact applications (web, mobile or desktop). They understand both front-end and back-end and know the environments of servers, databases, API, MVC and hosting, among others.
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Let’s first understand the scenarios when full stack developers are actually required in a development team, as the role of such complete stack engineers itself depends on the needs of a specific project.

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1. When you’re in need of an MVP for projects
Win cases where software development companies have a lean operations team, it makes sense to have full-stack developers as they are essentially jacks of all trades. Especially when it comes to minimal projects, full-stack developers can pretty much handle everything from the initial to the final stages of prototyping and deployment.

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What makes them an MVP is their expertise in multiple programming languages and their know-how of almost every aspect of a project; front-end, back-end, database, architecture, they may not know it all at a masters’ level, but their basic knowledge allows to see the big picture better than others.

2. When you need a Product Manager who knows what the clients need
Full stack developers make for valuable project managers because of this innate ability to see the bigger picture. Unlike a developer limited to an expertise in certain programming stacks, full stack developers are better suited to understand the commercial requirements of clients and ascertain its viability.

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3. In cases of budget and size constraints
Can’t fit too many developers in your company? Limited to a budget for hiring? This is where dedicated full stack developers can turn out to be actual saviours. When you have full-stack developers in your team, then there’s no need to spend additional costs for specialists in each phase of the development process. Additionally, you also don’t need to invest in hardware resources to hire extra manpower for specific stacks.

With that said, however, full stack developers alone aren’t really cheap to hire. But picture this: You’ll probably spend over $50,000 for say, 4 developers for each technology stack and process, which makes for a total of $200,000. On the other hand, hiring 2 full stack developers may cost around $75,000 for each at a total of $150,000.
So ultimately you’ll end up getting better or equal value with lower manpower and financial resources when hiring full stack developers.

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Can offer more than basic knowledge on all aspects of software development; front-end, back-end,
There are certain qualities and technical skills you should look for in a full stack developer, which are the following:

 Full-stack-developers  Qualities:

A. Innate passion and curiosity to understand new things; databases, operating systems, architecture & logic.

B. Can at least pinpoint the specific causes of a problem, even if he/she cannot resolve it.

C. Aware of the latest and upcoming trends in the world of software technologies, languages, libraries and frameworks.

D. Can actually see the bigger picture when clients and senior managers pitch their ideas.

Full-stack-developersTechnical Skills:

Here are the skills you should ideally look for in a full stack developer:
HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (Obviously)

  •  Back-end programming languages like   Python, C#, and PHP
  • Database management
  • Version control
  • Deployment and accommodation
  • API / third-party services
  • Logic and software systems architecture

What should a recruiter look for in a résumé?

To start, there’s not much to be judged out a resume when it comes to hiring a full stack developer. It’s really easy to tag oneself as an expert in as many stacks as possible when its written on a Resume. However, it isn’t the best indicator of a developer’s skills.

So it’s best to rely on a practical test as a method of judgment when hiring a full stack developer. However, there’s a particular way this should be done. Instead of putting a developer through a boring generic test for hiring, its way better to give them a real-life problem to solve, or at least something that simulates a similar environment and pressure.

This will not only help a recruiter judge the developer’s technical skills but also give them an idea of how they’ll utilize it to solve problems in the development process of projects.


There’s a simple answer to that. The reason is the rapid pace at which software technologies are growing. In the world of software development today, no developer can thrive without learning. To be a developer means being a life-long learner of every new trend, every new update in the existing technology stacks.

While having specialized developers work in silos isn’t always bad, it does create problems in terms of flexibility and structure. With new development approaches such as DevOps coming into play, flexibility is an important component of software project development and deployment. This is why full stack developers are the need of the hour.

They need not be an expert in everything, but they should know what needs to be done and need to be adaptive enough to take new positions at new levels, anytime.

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