The market is buzzing with news about the official launch of BlackBerry’s two new smartphone models – the BlackBerry Z10 and the BlackBerry Q10. The launch was attended by a large number of reporters and analysts. The CEO of BlackBerry Thorsten Heins stated that both these smartphones have been designed keeping in mind corporate users as well as general consumers. Though both the smart phone models have been launched, the BlackBerry Q10 will be available only a little after BlackBerry Z10 hits the market.

The Blackberry Q10 differs from BlackBerry Z10 in the sense that while the Z10 is a fully touch screen phone, the Q10 has a physical QWERTY keyboard along with touch screen features. This feature is something that a lot of keyboard lovers are going to be really happy about.

Things that you should know about the BlackBerry Q10:


The Blackberry Q10 claims that it is going to give users one of the best experiences they will have in terms of virtual keyboard. The keyboard in the Blackberry Q10 is much bigger and wider than any of the older versions of BlackBerry. This is going to make typing much faster and more accurate.


The battery of the Blackberry Q10 is said to be larger than any of the batteries in previous models of BlackBerry. The size of the battery is expected to be about 2100 mAh hence will last longer and keep you going through the entire day on just a single charge.


The Blackberry Q10 has an amazing display which at 3.1 inches is the biggest display on any QWERTY phone. Its expected density is about 328 ppi. It has an AMOLED display which makes the display colors really vibrant.

Operating System

The Blackberry Q10 is powered with the BlackBerry 10 operating system. This makes navigation much faster and smoother.


The back of the Blackberry Q10 is made up of a very strong, durable yet attractive material called glass weave. Glass weave makes the phone slimmer and lighter at the same time ensures it is stronger than plastic. Due to its rounded edges it makes it much easier to clutch the Blackberry Q10 in your palm. Another thing you won’t have to worry about is your phone getting chipped along the edges. This is because it has a stainless steel edging which is covered with a coating that can withstand all the bumps and dents.


Not much has been officially stated about the hardware of the Blackberry Q10 but according to sources it probably has an internal storage of 16 GB with 2 GB RAM. It will be powered with a Dual Core 1.5 GHz Cortex A9 CPU and with accelerometer, gyro, proximity and compass sensors. It will also have a MicroSD card slot up to a maximum of 64 GB.


The primary camera of the Blackberry Q10 at the rear will be 8 MP and have a LED flash and autofocus. This will be supported by a secondary camera of 2 MP at the front which can be used for video chats etc. The camera will also include features such as Geo-tagging, face detection, image stabilization etc.

In conclusion, I would say overall this appears to be a good phone targeting a specific type of buyer – buyers to who a physical keypad appeals.

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