Google yesterday unveiled Chrome 25 for iPhone and iPad with two new features in the browser and also announced few changes regarding how searching will be carried out with its search engine. The latest version can now be downloaded from the Apple App store.

Monday’s release bought Chrome update for iOS in line version-wise with the Android and desktop versions. Chrome 25 version for desktop was launched two weeks ago followed by chrome 25 for Android last week.

Google, in this new release for iOS, expands the functionality of the back button in Chrome browser.If you will now tap or press the back button for a long time, a drop down menu will be shown having your previously visited pages listed which will allow you to choose which one to go back just like Chrome desktop version.

Second feature introduced is the ability to share links through messages. However its is a minor change but still it shows that Google is trying its best to expand its reach on iPhone and iPad with not just introducing new apps but also with adding new features to its existing apps for iOS.

Speaking of integration, Google says it will be tweaking how Google searching works “over the coming days” in the following ways:

  • See your search term right in the omnibox, instead of the search query URL.
  • Easily refine your search queries and view more results on the search results page.

These two above points should be known as the company has been dealing and playing with these two new features since December last year.

The Next Web wrote in December 2012 regarding the two above points “The company has started experimenting with adding a search box to the browser’s new tab page as well as keeping queries in the omnibox after a search is performed,” we wrote at the time.

What’s interesting to see here is that these two new features are still not available with the chrome version for desktop. Google has provided the following comparison shot: