Google made an extra effort to nurture the latest generation of graduates and executives from UK advertising industry. Squared has arrived with a partnership between Google, the Institute of practitioners in Advertising (IPA) and Impact International to give a push to the leadership, technological and digital skills among the university graduates and higher level agency employees for six weeks, free of cost. As by the name, do not get confused with Google Squared (which was a Wolfran Alpha-style search product that was in run from 2009 to 2011).

Starting up next month, this program will take place in the dedicated premises on London’s Tottenharm Court. And this is not a small program, around 160 graduates and 500 senior management executives from all across the UK will take part, as per Google.

Google promises that the participants will be thoroughly trained by top advertising industry practitioners who will share talks in particular subjects with the volunteer experts. This is not over, the graduates will get a Squared qualification after completing the program and would be able to serve to an alum network.

Google being widely engaged in advertising, thus generating a major part of its revenue through advertisements, have included a lot of activities in the program to create more tech-savvy people among the volunteers, which would ultimately create a win-win situation for Google.

Last year, the trail run took place at Google’s London office, wherein the team initiated a lot of activities and talks in the event. This trial run got published in the form of State of the Industry report last year in May, also the online version of the same is in the works. Detailed information about the Squared page can be looked at Google+.