Signing up for the most popular social network might be free, but Facebook has a number of ways you could become a customer. A recent update allows individuals to pay and promote their friends’ posts whenever they feel like.
In the past, you could only promote your own posts. The average reach of a Facebook post is 16 percent, but with the introduction of this new promotion method, you can help and be helped in the bargain.

How does it work?

You need to have less than 5,000 friends if you want to try promoting someone else’s posts. It’s pretty similar to the way you would sponsor your own status updates. Choosing a budget, the audience and then following a few simple steps will help your friend garner more likes and exposure. For just $7, you could help a friend with his/her social media requirements.

A good move is that you don’t need someone’s permission to promote their posts. So, if you’re in a good mood and stumble across a worthy post, go ahead and help it become more visible. This seems like Facebook’s way of raking in the moolah and strengthening online relationships between users.

Is it a good move?

Every new tool unveiled by Facebook always comes under the scanner. Is the company simply trying to maximize its profits now that it is the biggest social media site out there?
It depends how you look at it. Promoting a friend’s post could be a sign that you believe in that individual’s endeavors. For instance, he/she may have just started an online business, and you could help the startup with some added exposure.
On the other hand, some may argue that a simple re-post could have the same effect, without you having to shell out cash. But let’s face it, how many of us actually check out re-posts?
This may be a great way for Facebook users to support local causes, they believe in. Only time will tell, whether the new feature takes off or not.

What kind of posts should you consider promoting?

  • A friend’s band is playing its first gig. Promoting this among mutual friends and other who live in the area is a good idea.
  • Charity programmes could benefit a lot from such promotion, according to a Facebook spokesperson. What is $7 if you’re promoting a worthy cause?
  • Your friend is looking to rent out an apartment. Promote his/her post so that the person gets a tenant quicker than usual.

The list is endless. Promoting a friend’s post will be your way of showing that you care about him/her. Skeptics say it might turn the News Feed into a bidding game.
Facebook has been regularly rolling out paid features in order to increase their turnover. Facebook Gifts was a huge hit during the holiday season. Paid Messages and Facebook Card are handy tools that garnered quite a lot of attention.
This recent promotion tactic could work wonders for those pages that have already built up a strong relationship with their followers. One thing’s for sure, Facebook’s latest promotion tool is already making a lot of noise.
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