“Keeping synchronization with time, sometimes moving ahead of it also helps in future advancements.” Google has pulled its collars high and rolled up its sleeves since the beginning of 2013. Rolling out innovative features and gadgets, re-modeling, polishing its apps, enhancing the speed of its browser, this software giant is all over the news.

Starting trends all the way to modernization and innovation has been this search engine giant’s modus operandi. Yesterday, users all across the globe witnessed another updated news from Google’s kitty.

TechieApps-Google Updated 'Drive' for iOS-google-drive

News trickled that the giant went ahead with updating its native Drive app for iOS with good advancements and introduction of new features. The new features on the block were:

  • Lending support for uploading multiple photos and videos
  • Integration of QuickOffice

The new app, whose size is apparently 23.2MB, is available and can be downloaded directly from the Apple App Store.

Looking at the scenario from the consumer’s point of view, the revolution is undoubtedly that iOS users have attained access to upload multiple photos and videos in one go. The move by the company is a calculative one, as it plans to make Drive – the main storage service available to the users. The motive could only be accomplished to a greater extent by providing the users a medium to store their media content. This necessity lured Google, in pushing forward this feature and making the best use of available resources.

TechieApps-Google Updated 'Drive' for iOS-google_drive_ios

The perception is true when considered for mobiles, as innumerable consumers click images and create videos which can be saved for later viewing and usage.

Coming to the business perspective, integration of QuickOffice is a smart and instigating move. The users of this Drive app can now choose to open and save their QuickOffice documents directly from within the app. Baffled by the news? Well, Google had acquired QuickOffice way back in June 2012.

Minor changes to the existing features are present in abundance. They are:

  • Inclusion of a new font in Docs namely, Helvetica Neue.
  • Capability of diagonal scrolling and cell formatting with inclusion of decimals, currency, date, etc. in Sheets.
  • Elegant improvements to slideshow, animations and pinch-to-zoom in slides.

A synopsis of the full Google Drive version 1.2.2 changelog, according to the company and its publication is stated below:

  • Drive: Multiple photo/video upload and QuickOffice users can open and save back to Drive.
  • Docs: Added Helvetica Neue to existing fonts.
  • Sheets: Diagonal scrolling and Cell formatting (Decimals, currency, date and more).
  • Slides: Improvements to slideshow and animations and pinch to zoom on slides.

Google has been on this iOS supporting sprint for Drive, since June 2012 and has been on the iterating mode, loading it with new features and improvements since then. The latest update to have occurred in this context was in December.