Since its launch in 2004, Facebook has undeniably become a phenomenon. It continuously grows at an unbelievable rate and is now recognized as the most practical and effective tool for communication, business, entertainment and the like. With over 500 million active users and a total of 700 billion minutes spent per month with a daily usage of 55 minutes, no one would surely want to argue with this.

But what is it with Facebook that everyone is drawn to it? What makes Facebook so addicting? Here we will reveal the secret answer to these questions. Let’s take a glance.

1. The Sense of being Appreciated

Everyone loves to be notice in a good way, and if someone does it for us, we feel valuable, we feel better and worthy. This is what Facebook offer many individuals – the psychological reward. A simple like can do wonders and boost a person’s confidence. With Facebook, we can be able to post and share happy thoughts, great moments and achievements with friends and family and when we caught some one’s attention, we feel proud and we take time to comment back on them. We might not realize it but when we are sharing our friends about the activities and pictures in Facebook, we are actually seeking for attention, which is actually not bad. However, one should be careful because in some cases, people tend to over share their achievements and come out as being boastful. Also, if you are checking what you post every now and then just to check if someone comments on it, then it’s a sign of obsession.

2. It’s the Best Site to Kill Boredom

You can do everything in Facebook! From watching videos, reading worthy articles, being able to see and know the photos and status of your closest friends. There are even quizzes you can take to know yourself better. And of course, let’s not forget about the thing that is really addictive – games, the variety of games in Facebook is so vast. You can feed animals or grow plants, you can run cafes and restaurant or you can even solve crimes . All these game require your time and commitment. So, how can one not get addicted to Facebook?

3. The easiest way of Interacting with loved ones and Friends

Even at the comfort of your own home, sitting and relaxing on your couch, you can easily meet new friends from anywhere in the world with Facebook. With just a quick “Hi” on your friends’ wall, you can let them know that you are thinking about them. You can even find friends or relatives that you haven’t connected for years through Facebook. Yes, it is truly easy to connect people with the use of Facebook however it can be also harmful at times. Facebook has taken away the need to call or meet a friend to see how their life is going. They get tired of going out and meeting new people in the community, they less care about what happening to the real world.

4. Stalking somebody is fun!

I am pretty sure that you have done this too- stalk and spy other people’s lives, and I am pretty sure that this happen everywhere else too. With Facebook, one can have access to personal lives of anyone and it can be a sort of addiction, most particularly if it involves someone whom you have a crush on, ex- partners or even when you want to know about your mortal enemy’s life. Sometimes if you saw someone saying bad things about a friend, then the war is on!

5. Business is good here!

And last but not the least, Facebook is now a marketing tool that every business owners should utilize. Gone are the days where businesses spent thousands of dollars for billboard and paper advertisement, now they can cut those expenses in half or more as they can promote online in Facebook. In just a few clicks away, they can spread the latest updates about their products, start a giveaway contest for their loyal customers and people can even order through their Facebook pages. Facebook is also use to find leads or prospect customers by simply searching or analyze business competitors.

Like any other addiction, Facebook is something you can’t just quit in an instant. It has become a part of human life. But remember to know your limitation. Though Facebook offers a lot of advantage in many ways, there is also a flip side about it, and that you should be aware of so you can take charge of your real life once again.

Author Bio: Marie Felipe is an online writer for more than 6 years now. She loves looking for guest posting service as well as writing in her own blogs. She loves to share her ideas about technology and obviously computers are her life.