If not you are a well-know graphic designer in the design industry having a large portfolio of astonishing design and several satisfied clientele  you may be working in the darkness. May be you can generate visually appealing designs but how will you get them noticed by others? A number of themes in the design industry are growing day by day to overtake an existing GUI concepts and leaves it upon how you redesign them according to your requirements.

Smartphone users must have observed that Apple Inc. has carried out a great redesigning of its latest iOS7, specifically on their icons and sliders effects, meanwhile,other graphic designers have been overhauling their designs just for fun and in order to get greater attention for their designs.

Some design concepts concentrates on the look and feel of the home pages like Facebook, Microsoft and Google do and others keep their focus on interfaces too. The designs are frequently imparted with the personality of the designers, other times integrating a dose of much required humor or giving a touch to the design to show the corporate image. However, the ultimate goal is to design a user-friendly interface for the visitors to use and most of the times, the results are quite astonishing, often great.

In today’s post, we are showcasing together some of the awesome Google and its products redesign concepts. Take a look and Enjoy!!

Google Homepage

1. Google-home-page-redesign



Designed by Louie Mantia

Google – Redesign Concept + Freebie

1. Google – Redesign Concept + Freebie

2. Google – Redesign Concept-Freebie

3. Google Redesign Concept-Freebie

Designed by Ayman Shaltoni

Google Homepage Redesign – UI/UX

1. Google Homepage Redesign-UI-UX

Designed by Johnny Jakubowicz

Google Mail – UI Design

1. Google Mail-UI Design

2. Google Mail-UI Design

3. Google Mail-UI Design

4. Google Mail-UI Design

5. Google Mail-UI Design

6. Google Mail-UI Design

Designed by Samir Timezguida


Google Product Redesign

1. Google Product Redesign

2. Google Product Redesign

3. Google Product Redesign

4. Google Product Redesign

5. Google Product Redesign

Designed by Jesse Kaczmarek – Andy Gugel

Google+ Redesigned Concept

1. Google Plus Redesigned Concept

2 Google Plus Redesigned Concept

3. Google Plus Redesigned Concept

4. Google Plus Redesigned Concept

Designed by Shadman Ahmed


Google Goes Dark with PSD

Google Goes Dark with PSD

Designed by Bluroon

Google Rebrand – Concept Project

1. Google Rebrand-Concept Project

2. Google Rebrand-Concept Project

Designed by Jenna Law

Google ReDesign + PSD

1. Google ReDesign + PSD

2. Google ReDesign + PSD

3. Google ReDesign + PSD

4. Google ReDesign + PSD

Designed by Mohammad Reza Mahmoudi

Google Redesign

1. Google Redesign

2. Google Redesign

3. Google Redesign

4. Google Redesign

5. Google Redesign

6. Google Redesign

7. Google Redesign

Designed by Luca Nap gianluca.napolitano