Windows 8, being the latest flagship OS from Microsoft, uses a modern UI which can frustrate you if you are not using a touchscreen. Tobii, though not a very common household name has gone to the extent of impressing everyone with their new launch. The company foresight’s into moving the crowd to a more touch- based environment with their Rex eye tracking camera.

Yes, you have read it right. Windows 8, from the beginning was missing this feature, of providing a more user-friendly way to interact with the new OS on your desktop or laptop. Until and unless you are using a laptop hybrid, where it is feasible to bring your screen closer, complications are bound to occur. It can be frustrating for users to have their arms stretched out, for a long period of time.

However, Tobii Rex has other ideas for you. Re-conceptualizing the entire process of interaction with Windows 8, it has offered a new dimension to your mingling with the machines. It gives your roving eyes a full authority to take over the interface interaction.

Controlling your system was never so easy. The Gaze eye tracking system, a patent of the company, enables you to use your eye positioning in association with the Microsoft touch language for Windows 8, for a better experience. However, this process does not rule out the use of a mouse. As the usage is entirely limited. The mouse will be used more for interaction rather than controlling the interface. Motionary practices across the screen will all be handled by your eyes.

Tobii Rex is supposed to be a USB connected adapter that will be connected just below the screen. To use this gadget your head has to be in a specific position so as to assist your eyes to do the rest. The company plans to sell about 5000 units in 2013 itself, with a tag price of $1000. To make it available to the masses, the order has to be of a substantial quantity and cheap, so as to attract users.

Lastly, something like this will be highly appreciated, as it will give your eyes the command over what to view. Our eyes decide what we want to see and read. The use of retina scan is already being used in Smartphones to turn off the phone when you are not viewing it directly. With the invention of Rex, the next technology to get introduced after this, might leave us baffled.