The year 2012 has seen an exponential increase in the sale figures for Android handsets. Millions have been sold and millions are said to be in the pipeline. Smartphones have modernized the use of mobile phones. Not only they have increased the range of functionalities that can be performed with a mobile, but have also united people across the globe.

With the advent of Android Apps, hassles to carry a laptop on the run have been reduced. Now, you can go mobile whenever you want. The app library is increasing every single day with new apps luring the users with better features. The main question that arises is:


Is it possible to have each and every App under your belt?

Well, that’s something impractical and unconventional. You can never have all the apps at your behest and not all apps are worthy to be mentioned and downloaded. The next question that disturbs is:

Which Apps to download for ease and better productivity?

Presence of too many Apps all over the Web spoils our choice. Which ones to download and which ones to give a miss? After using the underneath mentioned ones, a compilation of 20 must have Android Apps that will help you perform better with on the go accessibility, is at your disposal.

1. Facebook


One of the most widely used Android App, this requires no formal introduction. Reducing boundaries and bringing it on your palm has been the major reason for its success. People all over the globe love staying connected with their loved ones, chat with their friends and get social. In some countries it has even surpassed the giant, Google, and tops this list even. The app gets updated every few days and brings a whole new experience to your mobile.

2. TweetDeck

Marginally behind Facebook, Twitter is the second largest social media platform. The app therefore features in this list at the second place. Full control over your account is provided through it. An outstanding app that gives you the experience of using Twitter, as you would have used it, on your desktop or laptop. You are sure to get baffled with the experience.

3. Instagram


Until now this App was present for iOS only. But, 2012 witnessed this app’s launch for Android as well. This Facebook-owned app gives you a variety of filters to capture images and share it on social networking sites, easily.

4. Dolphin Browser


Downloading this app will improve your browsing experience. Where speed is concerned, it is at par with Google’s Chrome. Its recent up-gradation offers you a lot on the plate. Sonar, a recent added feature, helps you search, bookmark, navigate with voice commands and share. The other features are Gesture, Add-on support, synchronisation with Google bookmarks and supporting plug-ins. A great deal all-in-all.

5. SwiftKey


Touchscreens don’t often lend an awesome typing experience on a trot. You must have experienced such a situation. SwiftKey is the perfect App to solve all your typing woes. It has different versions for the Tablet and the Smartphone, coined as SwiftKey 3 and SwiftKey X, respectively. This app when downloaded, automatically replaces the keyboard present and changes your typing environment. This App is successful as it understands the way words are written and then takes the plunge. Spelling errors, spaces are automatically corrected. Download now, to change the way you type and connect.

6. FlipBoard


Presentation is what matters when news are on the plate and FlipBoard tops the list. A whole new experience of viewing news in a responsive magazine-style layout blows away the mind. The interactive visual interface is a treat to the eyes and can be used on both phone as well as tablets. A great stress-buster, this app attracts you from the word ‘go’.

7. Google Voice

Techieapps-Google Voice-must-have-android-app

Visual Voicemail is what attracts users nowadays. People have a hectic schedule, so all the texting, voicemail and phone numbers can be managed with the help of this app. You can transcript messages and play them again without even dialing into voicemail. You might have to wait a few minutes for it to get started, but being patient is worth the effort. It has a great interface and integration level to work with.

8. Google Chrome


Probably the world’s most used Web browser, Google Chrome made its presence felt in mobiles, this year. The browser doesn’t lose its position in the Android App market either. The app is faster and simple to use and leaves the old Android browser miles behind. An enriching experience is achieved when you switch your web surfing to this browser.

9. Google Maps


GPS devices have become a thing of the past with the launch of Google Maps App. Navigation with finding and reaching various locations has become a lot easier. A popular iPhone app, the Android version has left its counterpart way behind. This app provides voice-guided GPS navigation which helps you with traffic, satellite and street view.

10. Angry birds

Originally conceived as an iPhone gaming application, its venture in the Android market has left users with a rich gaming experience.

11. Dropbox


Built, in synchronisation with the concept of “the Cloud,”it provides you with what Cloud will offer you in the future. It can be used as an online storage folder which can be accessed from various computers.Use ths app to get away from the conventional way of storing huge files in your email. With this app, you can control and access these files, uploaded on Dropbox, from your phone itself by simply logging in your account.

12. 1Weather


How many times have you been bothered to check on the weather, before travelling? Well, the answer can be a few hundred times..! An undertaking of OneLouder Apps, this is the most beautiful weather app to have been released in 2012. All information related to weather conditions can be taken from this app and in an attractive form.

13. AnyDo


Topping the list on the task manager and to-do list apps, AnyDo is a free app that is useful in everyday endeavours. Using this app is relatively easy as it lets you add anything that crops up in your mind. It then gives you an option to drag and drop that task to different folders or days in the calendar. You can pre-plan your meetings, schedule your week’s plan, etc. The sharing features present not only offer to manage your task-list, but also that of your friends and colleagues.

14. EverPaper


What Instapaper is to iPad, Everpaper is to Android. This app helps you to automatically download any Web page, you want to save, while browsing. What more, this app also caches the information and restores it whenever you feel the urge of going through it again. You are also offered a night mode as the developers know that night is the time when downloads are made.

15. DoubleTwist


Giving Apple’s exclusive synchronisation with iTunes a run for its money, DoubleTwist helps you to be in sync with iTunes and also helps you shuffle playlists and music files. Access is provided in minutes and this app is a sure shot iPod crusher.

16. NewsRob


RSS feed readers have a reason to rejoice. Quick scanning of RSS feeds is provided by NewsRob. A clean interface to assist a few navigations, you are ready to send feeds, to your email, Twitter accounts, Evernote and even Instapaper. Scanning speed is impressive and it is one of the apps that should occupy space in your Smartphone.

17. Internet Radio Apps

Techieapps- Internet Radio-must-have-android-apps

Who doesn’t like listening to radio, while driving or exercising? Well, uncountable people out there are enthusiastically using such apps. We have found, Pandora and Slacker to be the best, amongst the rest. Streaming is free in Slacker, but it costs you to cache radio stations. Pandora, on the other hand, needs a touch-up on the user interface though. But, the service is good enough to give it a try.

18. SmsBlocker


Receiving unwanted SMS’s has become quite a conventional fashion, these days, and Android users are no exception. This is a powerful app that keeps a check on the incoming messages in your mobile and blocks unwanted, spam messages.

19. Camera Zoom FX


Clicking your favorite image was never so easy. This app helps you do so. Download, to enjoy the experience of photography, with features and tools galore.

20. Magisto


A Magical Video Editor, Magisto is a sure shot winner, when it comes to video editing apps. You have to add video clips and the app does the rest. It analyzes and clubs the clips, turning them into a movie, with added background score. Automatic volume controller is present which lowers the music volume when you strike a conversation.

All the above listed apps, if clubbed together to form a part of your Smartphone, will ease your nerves and will leave you glued to your mobile. Download and explore as everything can’t be stated in words. Somethings are left better to experience. Happy Android App-ing….!!!!