Every year, Apple restores its iOS difference, and planners begin to structure and refresh their applications alike. As end customers, use a lot of iOS apps on iPhones and iPads. So, research can connect your brain, and what are the schemes for iOS application promotion until 2019?

The application of iOS 12 has shown excellent features, a phase focused on IOS in business. You can make your iOS gadget even more exciting by making the main iOS application progress templates. Read ahead to consider the patterns that will improve the innovative trend in the coming days.

According to development programs and details, here is a review of the top 5 models of application improvements for 2019.

The Top 5 Trends in the Development of iOS Applications for 2019

1. IOS App Security

Every year, hackers are getting more and more advanced, and Apple continuously improves its security to keep its attacks in the bay. For Apple, its security on the platform is not just an iOS development trend, but a compulsory aspect when publishing an update. With this goal in mind Apple made, App Transport Security (ATS) is required for every new published iOS application development.

2. AR / VR and 3D

Apple has shown many changes for ARKit 2, the next generation of an enhanced real application development program that comes in the 12th edition of iOS. It offers advanced face tracking, the ability to cover objects with your iPhone and iPad, and support for 3D object detection.

3. Artificial intelligence

It provides businesses with valuable insights. Artificial intelligence is not a new technology, but it has many components of machine learning

Several examples of machine learning and artificial intelligence.

  1. Hound
  2. Swiftkey AI
  3. Google Duplex
  4. Microsoft’s Cortana
  5. Microsoft Pix

4. Apple Pay

Apple pays for all types of Apple devices such as iPad, watches, MacBooks, desktop computers, iPhones, etc. Plus the Apple Pay point is its security, you do not need to keep your credit/debit card information. Thanks to the secure payment option, Apple Pay has grown by 500% since its release.

5. Swift 5

Swift is a programming language developed by Apple to support iOS systems. Swift 4 is Swift’s upgrade 3. About Swift 4 is good, it’s designed in a user-friendly manner, scalable, and offers security that’s robust. In today’s world, most people love to work with applications that are simple and safe.
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