If you are a designer, then surely sending out proposals to your clients must have become a never ending, mundane task of your life. If that is true, than step back. What we are going to discuss in this write up, is something that can be viewed as the holy grail for sending out proposals to your clients.

If you have been looking out for an easy and interesting way of sending out proposals to your clients, we have found you a solution in Bidsketch.

More About BidSketch

Bidsketch is fundamentally an online proposal software which has been developed to ease out the burden of the working professionals by simplifying the way to send proposals and receive project offers. It contains the boilerplate language that you require and it offers you a great deal of customization features. You can et your point across the clients in the most logically correct, interesting and professional way.

Not only can you easily feed in the required information, that is the cost and the time requirements, it also allows you to include the videos and images in the proposals that you send, in order to make the same highly impressive and engrossing.

Getting Started with BidSketch

Getting started with Bidsketch is as easy as can be. You, as a user can easily set up the Bidsketch account and create a proposal. For creating the proposal, the you only have to select the type of design of the projects and various input sections which you require to be present in the proposal.

The dashboard of Bidsketch is very user centric and easy to use, it provides you with a quick preview of all that you need to know. All of the proposals will be listed under various headings, such as Recently Completed, Completed, Proposal Drafts.

Also Bidsketch tracks the performance of your proposals as well. It gives with a win / loss statistics,. Hence you get to know how well your proposals are doing. Basically, when you send out the proposals to your clients, they first have to visit the landing page, where they can view the proposal or export the PDF of the same. Bidsketch tracks all the activities transpiring at your proposal, and hence you get to know which one is accepted or not.

Finally, Bidsketch,proposal software provides the users with highly professional looking in built templates. And if you are a designer yourself, you can use the HTML codes to give rise to a completely customized proposal template.

What Does it Cost to Use the Application?

Okay so after all the utility of the application, lets talk money here.

Well to begin with, it is a glorious opportunity available with you to fine tune and streamline the entire process of drafting and sending proposals, and definitely you end up saving a lot of time and money for the same.

Besides, when we talk about money, Bidsketch offers its users three different membership plans to choose from.

1. Freelancer Plan – The membership of this plan costs $19 on a monthly basis. And yes, you can send 200 proposals to 25 clients. Also it allows access for single user, template and themes. Freshbooks and HighRise integration is also included and there are other branding options, option of PDF export and 1 GB data storage capacity.

2. Studio Plan – Costs $19 per month, offers unlimited proposals and clients, access by one suer and yes, 2 GB storage capacity.

3. Agency PlanIt costs $99 each month, allows access by 5 users, and 10 GB free data storage for Embedded Flash and Images.

Bidsketch Features

– Allows the embedding of Flash content and Images.
– Allows the prospected clients view the proposals online
– Users have the liberty to use a previously existing template, or create one of their own
– It offers integration with Freshbooks and HighRise.
– It allows the PDF export of the proposals.
– Online storage of the data of the clients, providing instantaneous access.
– Tracking the performance of the proposals and displaying the Win and Loss stats there on the dashboard.

Benefits of using BidSketch

– Conservations of time – it allows you to save the templates and use the previously existing ones to speed up the tasks.
– Comment features which solicits client’s feedback easily.
– Easy customer management.
– Massive reduction in the paper work et al which was previously indispensable to creating proposals.

Final Thoughts

Taking a toll of all the features and services being offered by Bidsketch, it seems like the web designers have a reason to rejoice. It allows the professionals, especially the designers, to design the customized look of the template, draft and send out the proposals and keep a track of the performance of the same. The flexibility and resourcefulness offered by Bidsketch is something relish and use for the benefits.