A new kindle app update has been released by Amazon, which is completely optimized to work for the high resolution Retina display for the next generation iPads.

The main objective of the app is to enable the readers to read through iPad, in a more effortless and painless way. It is aimed at making the fonts more crisp and also offers a new library view feature which improves the display of the e-book covers.

Last week in San Francisco, it was announced that the new iPad will be launched in the united States and 9 other countries, on Friday, March 16. The latest product offered by the giant company Apple, boasts of an improved “Retina” display, a 1080p video recording supported by a 5 megapixel camera, ! GB RAM, LTE support, and an improved ASX CPU and it also has quad core graphics.

The kindle app has also redesigned the look of the interface. The users who would use the new iPad and also the ones using the previous models will see an option on the very top of the home screen, which will allow them to access the content which is present both in the product memory, and on the cloud.

Although the app does not yet allow the users to buy the content directly, they can still purchase the apps, simply by accessing amazon.com/kindlestoreforipad through the browser.

Are you planning on to downloading the new kindle app? Do you think the new app will just revolutionize the way we read content on the internet, with its Retina display and all, and will raise the bar for future such products? Share with us your feedback about the same in the comments.