Business productivity has become one of the key aspects of business success. Technology plays an important role in enhancing productivity and improving ROI. Online team collaboration tools not just save time but also effort in completing the tasks.

Team Collaboration Tools

Skype:The chat software is easy to use and easily available across devices. It is a free tool with no real alternatives and one can easily make video calls to overseas clients and or employees and have important discussions. The tool is also available across mobile devices so one can easily send important messages on the go.

Dropbox: There are businesses like digital agencies which require heavy file sharing on a regular basis. the drag and drop feature of this tool helps you easily share from your PC.

Invoicera: Invoicera is another very useful tool for time tracking and task management for small and large teams. It has a free basic plan and has lot’s of interesting features for team management as well. One can log hours on a daily/weekly/monthly basis.  One can manage permissions and assign tasks to the employees online from across devices. The tool is very useful for project managers  and  helps in project, time and expense billing.

WebEx:Another very user friendly tool that helps you with video conferencing. the  product provides a free basic account and also allows sharing of files.

HootSuite: The productivity tool is mainly for social media and marketing professionals. It is an easy to use tool and you can login with your facebook, twitter or google account. Schedule you social posts and monitor results and analytics with this effective tool.

Pixabay: The Online Platform provides you with free to use images for your websites. This tool is also very helpful for design and agency professionals.

Screenleap: The tool is a chrome extension as well and can be easily downloaded from your chrome browser. It even allows you to add annotations and drawings post taking a screenshot.

You can take a screenshot of the whole browser window or a part of it. The tool also provides with cloud storage for accessing your screenshots from anywhere.  The public sharing to social platforms makes this tool even more interesting, besides there is an option of private sharing and group sharing.

Prezi: If you wish to create interesting presentations with pictures and videos, then this a very powerful web app for you.

WeVideo: Co-create videos in a team using this awesome collaborative tool.