Technology has taken over every sphere of business. Billing and invoicing which till about a few years back was done manually or on excel sheets has been completely automated thanks to a number of invoicing software making their way into the market. These online tools are also constantly improving and thus ease your task and offer you a 360 degree view of your business. In fact they can do much more than simply billing your clients. They help keep track of time, project, performance of individuals and team. This allows managers to make informed decisions that increase the productivity as well as profitability.

Here we shall compare three of the best invoicing software in the market Invoicera, Freshbooks and Harvest. These online tools carter to the needs of freelancers as well as small and large businesses. Before we go into the comparison let us take a look at the some of the features that you need to look for in invoicing software:-

Turnaround Time – It is important that the online software has a quick turnaround time. It should be able to generate invoices immediately and take into account the billing cycle, rates, and taxes etc. for individual clients while generating the invoices.

Time Tracking – Though it is not a standard feature on all invoicing software available in the market. It goes a long way in simplifying the role of a project manager. It helps them keep a tab on the progress of any project, delegate work faster and in an efficient manner and most importantly improve productivity.

Multiple Users – In a typical corporate scenario a team would work on a project. Each and every member of the team has a contribution to make in the project. Thus the billing/invoicing software that you are choosing should support multiple users.

Let us now compare the features and functionalities of the leading invoicing software in the market

Invoicing Software Invoicera Freshbooks Harvest
Monthly Cost Free for 3 clients

100 Clients $19.95/month

Unlimited Clients starts $39.95/month

Free for 1 client

25 Clients $19.95/month

Unlimited Clients starts $29.95/month

3 Clients $12/month

Unlimited Clients starts $99/month

Payment Gateways PayaPal,, Google Checkout & 20 others PayPal & 13 Others PayPal, Stripe &
Multi-Lingual & Multi Currency Yes Yes No
Customer Service Phone/Email/Contact Form Phone/Email Phone/Email
Automatic late fees on overdue invoices Yes Yes No

Why Invoicera?

Online Invoicing & Billing software - Invoicera

From the above details you can clearly see that Invoicera offers you the best deal in terms of its features and pricing. It is being used by thousands of users from different parts of the world who have been impressed by its flexibility and scalability. Let us walk you through some other benefits of using this invoicing software –

Customization – There are a number of templates provided to you. You can also customize, add/remove fields in the templates based on your needs. Add you own logo, color scheme and other graphics to personalize the template.

User Management – Invoicera allows you to manage the role or every user in your team. Account admin can easily delegate tasks to other team members and let them manage transactions. You can set the custom user-level permissions for each user.

Set Custom Exchange Rate – You will be able to bill clients in their native currency. You can set/create an invoice in their currency which shall be calculated as per the latest exchange rates.

These are some of the features that make Invoicera one of the most robust and powerful online invoicing software in the market. It is ideal for businesses of all scales and sizes.