If you have a mobile phone then it goes without saying that you’re constantly worried about the security of your phone. Mobile virus is spreading everywhere and so is spyware. In such cases, the only thing that can help you is an anti-virus and spyware software to guard you against the innumerable malware on the internet.

If you’re using an iPhone, an Android or even a Window Smartphone then you would know how many anti-virus and spyware applications are available on your application store so which ones are the best to choose?

The AVG Anti-virus is the perfect software for both Windows and Android users. The AVG software scans all your applications to make sure there is no malware threat in them or harmful applications posing as innocent applications. The application also switches to real time protection mode, which works when you download an application. Every time you download an application on your phone the AVG software runs a check on it and then verifies it security permitting it to operate on your phone. This application has many other features; it doesn’t only scan your application, but also gives you the freedom to choose your own scanning time, checks your SD card and all the files designated on your phone. Apart from this, the application comes with a task-killer feature and also a find/locate feature that helps you find your phone in case it’s lost.

The AVG anti-virus application also has an anti-spyware feature that runs on your phone to check if there is any spyware acting on your phone. It warns you and you can therefore remove the application or re-boot your software.

For Android users, there’s nothing better than the Lookout Security & Antivirus applications. This application has had more than fifteen million downloads on the Play Market and the download keep increasing every day. It operates just like AVG, scanning your applications every time you download them and running scans according to your preference. The application has a “Find my phone” feature which helps you find your phone in case it’s lost. The application is initially free, but in case you want to utilize additional features such as safe browsing and privacy adviser, you need to spend $2.99 every month.  The Lookout Security Application is also available for iPhone users, but the Android platform has many more features although it works perfectly fine and efficiently on the iPhone as well.

Android users can also download the Dr. Web Anti-virus Light application designed by a Russian vendor. Although this application does not have the initial feature of automatic scan of pre-installed applications, it checks your phone constantly and works efficiently in case of any malware attack.

Avast! Mobile Security application is again available to both Windows and Android users and has features just like Lookout and AVG. This free of cost application includes an anti-virus feature along with a web-shield that checks whatever website you’re about to open and warn you in case there’s any security problem.  The application also has many anti-theft features such as SMS contact and automatic history wipe as well as siren activation.

The iPhone interface doesn’t require you to download an anti-virus application considering that no virus affects the unbeatable iPhone but it’s still good to remain on the safe side. You can download the Trend Micro Mobile Security and ESET Mobile Security anti-virus application for iPhone’s. These applications are pretty effective considering they scan your applications to check if there is any hint of malware on them and also warn you in case you have downloaded any file that contains virus.