Apple has transformed the world forever. The introduction of the iDevices is a marvel, while the birth of iOS is a game changer. Apps development became a sturdy industry of its own.

The backbone of it all, iOS has undergone series of updates since its inception. Apple has just released the recent installment by way of iOS 7 – faster, stronger, colorful and sleek. If you are just using your iPads and iPhones strictly for business or work purposes, you are missing a lot. Here are some ways to completely take pleasure in your iOS devices:

Play games

Whether you are killing time while waiting for a delayed flight at the airport or trying to beat a friend located halfway across the globe, playing games in your iPhones or iPads can be so addicting your battery goes from 100% to none in no time.

The improved performance of iOS made Candy Crush-ing so much better. I just had to let that one out! The divine sweets just come alive and vibrant.

The best part is, there are TONS of other gaming apps that you can enjoy with your IOS device. Whether you’re looking for a poker app with real money, tower defense gaming apps, or games similar to Flappy Bird (among many others), you’ll surely find several of these in the iTunes store!

Take pictures (and selfies)

While I am not a big fan of it, I did (am doing) it anyways. I took (am taking) “selfies”. This is what the rotating cameras of iPhones and iPads do to me (and you).

Gone are the days when you have to bring a mobile phone and a camera separately, unless you are a professional photographer. You can just easily take a snap of the precious moment during a vacation and upload it in Instagram.

Loved the dessert you just had at a local restaurant? Click, shoot and share it with your friends on Facebook.

Surf the Internet

Browsing the Internet anywhere and anytime using smartphones is perhaps one of the best things that transpired in the recent past. I could still remember going home early from school to update my Friendster and MySpace profiles, and will end up getting frustrated at our dial-up connection. This Jurassic era came to a crashing end with the dawn of iOS. What a joy!

My iPhone makes my life so much easier that I could access social media, news websites and online shops practically at any geographical position I am in.

Go to Social Media Sites

Eager to see how many “likes” your recent photo garnered? Facebook app is the answer. The world’s favorite social network in a pocket format is just as awesome!

Social media understands the need to mobilize. Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and the likes offer free apps that you can download at App Store.

Groundbreaking is an understatement when speaking of the launch of iOS, thanks to the brilliance of Steve Jobs and his team. Their genius spawned an operating system that defined a new generation of a connected world.

What’s the best thing about iOS for you? Can you imagine life without iOS or Android? What improvements are you looking forward for iOS 8?

We’d love to download your thoughts, but just share it anyways. Your views and opinions matter to us.