How much time do you spend in your Workforce & Cashflow management?

An average businessman spends 28 hours in front of his account books every week. And, additional 15 hours in tracking and managing his employees. Therefore, wastes the large part of his working hours in unnecessary tasks.

Yes, you are keeping yourself dug in books & meetings more than required. And, as a consequence losing on important client deals that need your attention.

Don’t you ever wish to free yourself up and focus on the cores of your businesses instead of navigating between such chores?

Well, the answer is simple. AUTOMATE. Automate all your manual processes.

Omar Loya, manager of treasury product management at City National Bank says, “What many are learning is they can operate more efficiently if they automate their cash flow, freeing-up their leaders to explore new markets and take the company to the next level.”

Features to Look for in a Business Process Automation Software

Business Process Automation

Online small business process automation and Invoice software works towards automating and streamlining your processes of invoicing, payments, staff management, task allocation, time tracking, productivity measurement, project management, expense management, and more to keep you away from the hassle of spending multiple hours with the books.

While deciding to choose the best tools for automation of business processes, keep in mind these tips to make your investment worthwhile.

1. Opt for an Easy-to-use Business Automation Software

Only invest in software that is smart, easy to adapt, utmost user-friendly, accessible and scalable for your business. It should integrate with your current ERP and CRM setup to streamline your workflow.

Every small automated step can be a great help. Frank Rojas, regional sales manager at City National Bank says, Even a small thing can be a great help, like having easy access to the company’s cash balance on an online dashboard.”

2. A Software Must Include Electronic Scanning

Scanning receipts & documents can easily add them to the records of the software, ensuring your business management is seamless.

The ability to simply record receipts of reimbursement, documents, and communication in software makes its record-keeping easy and visibility high to ensure transparency of processes into the business. AI makes visibility higher and increases responsibility amongst your workforce at every level.

3. Easy Visibility into History of Your Cash Flow

Cash Flow

Easy visibility into the cash flow helps in better financial management. The daily business activities require a constant look into the history of payments and records to further implement actions. Filters and easy searches make all of it less time-consuming and facilitate instant decision-making.

Moreover, these insights will also help you in deciding the flow of your cash, wanted and unwanted expenses, areas that need extra attention, and future investments. It is incredibly critical for business owners to regularly review their books and stay updated.

4. Automatic Status Update of Tasks & Cash Flow

How cool will it be if you can automate the status update of your projects, task updates, client invoices, and payments in the same dashboard? Choose a business process automation software that instantly tells you the status of your every task & responsibility from the same dashboard. The automatically kept books & sheets save a big deal of time which can be utilized to carry out analysis with insights that detailed reports provide you with.

5. No Unwanted Human Intervention

One of the most undeniable questions you must ask before selecting a small business process automation software is- how secure is the software? Ensure every access is monitored and restrictions are in place, so as to filter account access.

Fraud detection and notification will enable you to keep your account secure from any unnecessary haemorrhage. Security features like multiple login layers, IP address access (selective), selective file access can save your information from even your employees and partners.

6. Multiple Payment Options to Choose From for Faster Cashflow

The more accessibility you provide, the faster you receive payments. While opting for an online invoicing software along with your process automation software, thoroughly check how many payment options does it offer you. Ask your providers for all modes of payment options such as cards, UPI, wallets, cash, and more. It is always a smart choice to overwhelm your clients with payment options to choose from.
Moreover, small businesses often have a single person handling almost every accounting activity. In this case, it is relevant for them to forgetting jobs sometimes. An automated cash management software can act as an assistant in helping them streamline their daily activities.

7. Expert Support

While stepping into new technology, you will surely be needing guidance and support. Quick assistance can help you sail through instantly and move forward. Premium software is the one that is able to give a reliable experience with them. Check for their constant support, ETA of replies, proactiveness, and assistance. Always look for a free trial before actually investing your money in any of it.

The Five Types of Business Process Automation Tools

Automation of processes are generally the actions, initially carried by humans, given to robots to carry forward with an intention to make them faster, consistent, and accurate.

To implement business process automation, your business will require the top tools listed below:

  1. Business process management Software: BPM software will allow superior coordination between multiple tools used in business. It integrates coordination amongst all tools irrespective of the complexity and variety.
  2. Desktop automation: one of the simplest forms of automation is desktop automation. It offers automation of Excel, time tracking, and access.
  3. Document digitization: automate data incorporation on the same platform so that everyone has access to it as and when required is another type of process automation that businesses are looking forward to.
  4. Intelligent process automation: IPA refers to bringing together machine learning and robotics. IPA works on learning, mimicking and enhancing human processes to yield better process results with time. It has the capability to work without human interference because of its deep learning algorithm, rule-guided workflow, and cognitive therapy. These tools can undertake different actions of reading, analysing, and preparing reports just like human minds, but utilize less time.
  5. Robotic process automation (RPA): It is an application that interacts with UI just like humans. It is efficient in performing high-frequency tasks in comparatively less time. It is one of the most vividly used formats to conduct high-volume recurring tasks conveniently. Majority of tasks like generating recurring invoices, following up on payments, generating reports, auditing files, managing collaborations, tracking and creating time reports, validating documents can be easily automated with business process automation software.

Furthermore, you can find automated solutions for IT services management, security operations centre, information and events management, network operations. Enterprises do not stay confined to a single type of automation. A minimum of four types of automation can be easily witnessed in enterprises these days, as reported by Gartner in one of their reports.

If in case you’re looking forward to automating your multiple workflows and cashflow processes but getting scared of implementing multiple software and dashboards into your system, then Invoicera is the one-stop solution for you. Get fully integrated business process automation software for your business. In the same dashboard, you can create an easy collaboration of processes to smoothen workflows such as time tracking, approval processes, productivity measurement, task delegation, project management, and more. Along with this, ntegrate invoicing and payments processes so that your project and accounting department stays in sync while creating projects and generating revenues from clients. Through this, you can manage your entire business through just one app. One single login will give you access to your staff’s daily activities and your revenue reports for analysis and financial predictions.

Maximize Your Cash Flow and Make Business Processes Easier With

Invoicera is one of the leading AR & AP management software in the market. The cloud-based invoicing and billing software has catered to more than 3.5 million users around the globe for past 16+ years. The software can be customized according to individual business needs and works for Enterprises, Small Businesses and Freelancers.

The software offers many unique features customized to specific business needs of freelancers, small businesses and enterprises. It helps you to automate and simplify your business processes and communication with online invoicing and payments, expense management, recurring/subscription billing, client/vendor panels, time tracking, invoice approval process, multi lingual & multi-currency support, staff permissioning, financial reporting & analysis, purchase order management.


  • Invoice approval process/ customized approval process
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Multiple business access
  • 30+payment gateways
  • 3 layers account security
  • Staff management
  • A/R & A/P Management
  • Multi-lingual compatible Invoices


  • Online invoice software
  • Subscription billing management
  • Project management
  • Time tracking software
  • Custom workflow management
  • Expense management
  • Enterprise Customized Invoicing solution
  • Multi- Business Management
  • Third-Party Integration


Q1. What are the 3 types of AI?

A1: 3 main type of AI are

  • Analytics
  • Interactive
  • Visual
  • Functional

Q2. What are the objectives of business process automation?

A2: Business process automation helps in

  • improving accountability
  • transparency
  • accuracy of data
  • and Quick completion of jobs

Q3. What is RPA in AI?

A3: RPA in AI is Robotics Process Automation enabling automation of most repetitive tasks in order to streamline business processes for more efficiency.