In the first quarter of 2014, Apple has sold more than 50 million iPhones and 20 million iPads. Despite the rocking in the past year, everyone is still looking forward to the latest Apple product and update their devices to the latest iOS version. With its sleek elegance and millions of available accessories, it is no surprise that it has gained that much popularity, making it more than just a smart device, but also a fashion statement.

By Tobias Myrstrand Leander ( [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

But people are not just buying for beauty; iOS devices have also gained reputation as being fast and functional. Here are 7 tricks that you probably didn’t know about your iOs devices:

1) Capture Images Using the Your Earphones as a Remote

Capture precious moments by using the volume up or down buttons of your earphones. This can also lessen the probability of having blurry photos caused by shaky hands.

2) Secure Your Device with an Alphanumeric Code

Set a tighter security code for your devices by switching your numeric passcode to alphanumeric. Follow these simple steps:
Go to Settings – General – Passcode
Since you’ve already set-up a numeric code, you will be asked to input your code before proceeding. Turn off Simple Passcode and you can now set up a new alphanumeric code.

3) Switch the Assistive Touch On and Off

Assistive Touch can sometimes be annoying as it usually gets in the ways of your screen. The usual way of turning it on and off is by going to the Settings – General – Accessibility – Assistive Touch: On / Off. But there is an easier way to quickly switch it on and off without the hassle of going through that series of steps by using the Triple-Click Home:
Settings – General – Accessibility – Triple-Click Home – Toggle Assistive Touch
This trick can also be used to activate your Assistive Touch.

4) Charge Twice as Fast

In a hurry to use your device and play the new Elvis Machine? Switch your device to Airplane Mode to reduce your charging time. This trick can also be used to save battery.

5) Turn Music Off Automatically

You can turn off your music automatically by using a timer. Simply go to:
Clock – Timer – When it Ends – Stop Playing
Set the timer and you can doze off with your music without having to wake up in the middle of the night to turn it off.

6) Undo and Redo Texts

To easily delete typed messages, simply Shake your Device to undo your typing. A text box will appear and choose Undo. To redo, Shake Again and choose Redo.

7) Snap Multiple Photos

Capture the whole action by taking multiple photos of moving subjects by simply holding on to the capture button of the camera for as long as you want.

With iOS’ improving functionality, you are sure to use your Apple device in more ways you could ever imagine. Full knowledge of your gadget will enable you maximize functionality and productivity. Well-informed users always have an advantage against those with limited device familiarity so keep on learning more iOS tricks.