To compete in today’s technological world, any business must opt for modern technology solutions that later help them to expand their business reach and increase revenue quickly. As per the Forbes recent survey, rapid technological changes are the biggest threat to global leaders because people’s inclination towards online services is increasing, from the cab to food to groceries; they are dependent on apps.

The demand and usage of online taxi applications such as Uber and Lyft have remarkably increased in urban areas because it saves time and ensures safety. Just like other businesses, when you are new to the ride-hailing business and want to attract the customers towards your services, you should have well-versed digital marketing strategies that increase sales and establish brand loyalty.

In a rapidly transforming digital world, there are a number of ways to maximize profit and build your customer base strong. Robust digital marketing strategies enable your taxi business to –

  1. Reach a larger audience
  2. Easy to bring new customers
  3. Improved conversion rates
  4. Higher ROI from the advertising campaign
  5. Establish a brand reputation

Thus, if you wonder how to grow your online taxi business and retain old customers, here are few powerful digital marketing tips that would help you compete against Uber, Lyft, and other top players. So, let’s dig in detail.

5 Most Effective Digital Marketing Strategies That Actually Works in 2020

1. Get Your Own Fully-Featured App

Living in a digital world, you cannot imagine running your taxi business without a dynamic app solution. People are more attracted to modern technologies that offer them comfort and make taxi booking easy. These days, people are looking for services that can be easily availed using their smart gadgets.

To increase your ride business revenue, you need to come up with modern app solutions that enable customers to book a cab online without any hassle. Online taxi apps connect you to your customers better as compared to websites or any other online platforms. If you have built an app, you will assist your customers in a more personalized way; customer’s ratings and reviews help you improve services.

All you need to choose the right technology partner who is having vast experience in the development of an uber taxi app clone and help you create a user-friendly, fully customized app that is cost-effective and fulfill your business needs. Below mentioned chart displays that the installation of ride-hailing apps is increasing, and this trend will continue to dominate in the future due to the corona pandemic.

Ride Healing App Stat


As per the market trend, hiring an experienced app development company would be beneficial for your online taxi business. Moreover, you need to include exclusive features such as push notifications, multiple payment options, book now or later, schedule ride, rate a service, share feedback, and so on. These amazing features won’t only help you grow business but also connect you with a number of audiences that ultimately increase sales.

2. Focus on Local Search Engine Optimization

SEO is one of the important and effective processes that help you improve your taxi business’s online presence by implementing a few SEO strategies according to Google’s guidelines. Once you are done with the app and website development, all you need to leverage smart SEO practices that give you unlimited organic traffic and increase your taxi app downloads.

Make sure you have an appealing website, a functional app that educates commuters about your taxi business. If you have followed all the guidelines and practiced good SEO for your website, it will rank number one in Google; it means whenever a person searches for “online taxi”, they will find your website first in the search engine.

Once you start getting enormous traffic from the website, it will automatically increase the app downloads and build brand reputation in the market. A good amount of SEO efforts will flourish your ride-hailing business and increase-

  • Online visibility
  • User experience
  • The credibility of your transport business

Thus, with the help of proper SEO strategies, you can attract customers because 90% of users these days use Google as their default browser. Hence, SEO is vital for your taxi business, as it is the first and tricky part of your online marketing.

3. Be Active on Social Media

According to the latest report, 2.77 billion people are using social media platforms across the globe, this figure itself explains how social media is important for your ride-hailing business. As per the recent report from the survey, more than 71% of the internet users get influenced by social media to buy products or services.

Create business profiles on different popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and many others. Social media is the only place where you can personally communicate with your potential customers. Through high-quality graphics and compelling content, you can engage with more customers.

Social Media Activities

Image:( Source)

Especially, if you are new to the ride-hailing business and want to make your customer base solid, social media plays a crucial role. The above image shows that consumers are increasingly switching to social media to access service. If you manage social media profiles properly, it can bring you several new customers and boost your app downloads. You can also link your social accounts with your website and mobile app to increase traffic.

4. Invest in Paid Advertisements

If you are new to the online taxi business and want to quickly grab the customers, PPC is an amazing way to expand your ride business. It would help if you created active PPC campaigns for your business that will enhance your website traffic and boost app downloads. You can also design dedicated landing pages that lead customers to your app and bring new customers daily.

Digital vs Traditional Ad

Image (Source)

The above image clearly displays that spending towards digital ads increases as it delivers a personalized experience to the customers and helps your taxi business target the right audience at the right time.

5. Referral Program

If you want to grow your business in a short time, referral marketing is one of the best ideas you can go for. You should focus on building a referral program within your taxi booking application. It will encourage your existing customers and recommend your business to their friends and relatives.

In this digital world, where mobile apps dominate our lives, many online ways help you get new customers. Riders can share the URL of your app with their friends and earn the reward in the form of a free first ride or attractive deal on the first ride. It will generate more leads and build customer loyalty in the long run.

If you want more patronage from existing users, this technique will help you generate leads. By doing this, your taxi business will grow as you keep getting new users through referrals that ultimately spread brand awareness about your ride-hailing business.

Wrapping it Up

In short, online marketing techniques are all about effectively spreading awareness about your online taxi business. Along with these, many other digital marketing techniques help you get new customers. All you need to maintain relations with the customers and focus on their reviews will help you improve your services. If you want to hit the market within a short time, offer coupons, discounts, cash backs, etc., it will benefit your taxi business in the long run.