Skype has gained immense repute in a way such that, users have now begun using the term more of a verb. Well, most of us are in the impression that Skype is used to only make free voice calls, in a few instances for occasional video chat between friends across the sea, and more. Now, Skype can definitely do something more than that, and if you would ever know, it is one of the most powerful business tool that can save you loads of economy in  making a business trip.

There is definitely more to Skype than that you can think of, for instance, you can use the service to show up a deck to your clients, or even get a con call done aside the regular hassles that you come across. Well, what’s more; you can get a Skype button to your website so that users get in touch with you.

Some Unique Skype Tips and Addons

1. Sharing your Screen with Skype

Sharing your screen is far easier than how you tell and Skype not just allows for a video call, instead lets you share your pc or laptop screen with ease. This feature helps you show off your decks, demonstrate a product, or even display a webpage to the user at the other end.

Once you have begun calling, you can click on + in the icon bar and then choose Share Screens. There is a pop up that opens and you can choose to display your entire screen to the other user. Voila! Now the individual at the other side can see what you are seeing with ease!

Techieapps-4 Powerful secrets of Skype every user must know-sharing your screen with skype

2. Call Recording with Skype

Call recording isn’t something appreciable at all times, however, can serve to be quite valuable in business. In a few instances, say a business call, you can choose to record your call and create a transcript of it, or even improve customer satisfaction over Skype.

Nevertheless, there are many Skype apps that are suited for Windows that can help you record your call with ease. For instance, the MP3 Skype Recorder, the Skype-to-Skype, and the various online calls help you track and record calls with ease. And for the individual who has called and for the caller as well, they are equally free. To make it more interesting, you can add up video-call recording feature to this mix that is more compatible with Mac and Windows.

Techieapps-4 Powerful secrets of Skype every user must know-Call recording with Skype

3. Edit your Last Sent Message

Let’s say mistakenly you sent the wrong message to any of your friend or you made a typo while forwarding the message. Well, need not panic, Skype from Windows 4.0 onward features the option to edit your last sent message.  All you need to do is right click on the message and then select edit or delete from the options.

Techieapps-4 Powerful secrets of Skype every user must know-Edit your Last Sent Message

4. Getting a Unique Skype Number

You can take advantage of the online calling feature, by adding a Skype button to your website, thus enabling your clients to call you directly. To enable inbound calling with Skype, it is imperative that you get a Skype Online number. A Skype number is basically a dedicated phone number that individuals can use to get in touch with you. Should there be a call; Skype calls in at the same time, thus ensuring that the entire caller details are displayed with ease.

Hope these secrets of Skype help you gain the max out of your business with ease!