Want to boost your Business? It is high time to use Pinterest for your Business!

Pinterest, one of the famous social media channels. It is a wonderful platform that helps businesses and bloggers to generate traffic. It is a platform where people find different ideas and inspirations.

According to the latest report of Social Media Analytics around 200 million users use Pinterest. This platform offers a wonderful chance for all businesses to showcase their products and services. It is the best channel to target a large amount of audience.

Pinterest is a quite different platform from others as it offers ample creativity options. Due to its different nature, there are some strategies to drive traffic on Pinterest.

This article will discuss some Pinterest SEO effective tips for driving high traffic. Just go through the post and learn different tactics to turn your business into a brand profile.

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12 Ultimate Pinterest SEO Tips to Drive More Traffic

We have gathered some effective Pinterest SEO tips for you that will help you in generating heavy traffic. Let’s have a look at how you can use Pinterest for your business.

1. Create Your Business Account

To get started with Pinterest, you need to create your business account. Create an interesting profile by entering complete relevant details. This is the very first step to begin your journey with Pinterest.

Create Business Account

a) Add Creative Name

Try to add the name which your customers can easily search. Don’t make the brand name so complicated to make it different.

b) Augment Your Profile

When you create a business account on Pinterest, you are required to fill up the “about you” section. In this section, you need to add a description of your business. Always add a description of your business in an interactive tone.

c) Create A Board

To begin with, the work you need to create at least one board. Think of the content that you will be posting in the future, for example, DIY SEO or Marketing Hacks.

2. Get Your Website Ready

To start your Pinterest campaign, you can take data from your website to target your Pinterest campaigns. You can connect people from your website to the Pinterest account by linking both of them. For this you need to follow simple steps;

a) Add Tags

Pinterest Tag is one of the basic parts before setting up the campaign. You can learn different ways to add tags and begin with your campaign. However, Pinterest allows you to;

  • Set the alteration events on your site.
  • You can segment your audience.
  • You can even view the reliability report of your profile to analyze your performance.

b) Add Save Button

Once you are done setting up with your Pinterest tags you should also add a save button. It will allow the users to save images of your brand’s products. For this purpose, you need to do a little HTML coding that you can easily get from Google. Just type down the coding for Pinterest add button on your Google search bar and get the instruction along with the code. However, in some scenarios, this button is automatically present and the users can download the images with the left click.

Add Save Button

c) Authenticate Your Website

To get your website verified, you need to follow simple steps. For this get the guide from Google. This will help you in adding the profile image to all your Pins. You have to add some coding to get your website authenticated.

3. Set Your Goals

Once you are done with optimizing your profile, the next most important step is to set your goals. Pinterest is such a powerful tool which is said to be an effective lead generation tool. You can get maximum leads using Pinterest. To achieve this you need to set your goals. Before this, you need to understand what Pinterest is actually for your business. You should ask yourself two main questions?

  • How will Pinterest boost your marketing?
  • Does your target market use Pinterest?

If you get the answers to these two questions positively, trust us you can use this platform to get maximum leads. Once you get the answers, set up your business goals and targets. This will help you in creating the right marketing strategy for your business. You can use the gathered data to set up conversion events on your website. If you want to learn how to create conversion campaigns, you can check the descriptive guide given by Pinterest. Initially, you should start working on your business metrics to see your performance level.

Analytic Overview

4. Do Keyword Research

Keywords play an important role in driving traffic. The keywords help in making your profile at the top of the search rankings. When you are using Pinterest you cannot use any keyword research tool because of its limitations. However, there are different methods to research the keywords. The most popular method is to see what customers are generally searching for products similar to your brand. You can fetch research ratings from Google using Ahrefs or SeMRush tool.

You can even use Guided Search. Guided search helps the users to slim down their search focus and give them the relevant outcomes. It not only shows results upon searching but also notifies later in the suggestion bar. This can help you in looking for the right keywords and will tell you about the interest of your customers.

Once you figure out keywords, it is time to try them out. You can use AdWords to view the performance of your targeted keywords. It is like a trial test to see how your keywords run on Pinterest.

You can even explore the niche topics that are relevant to your business. You can see how your brand’s products and services can be categorized into subtopics. It will help you in targeting a greater audience by picking up more relevant keywords.

Keyword Research

5. Enhance Your Boards

Keyword research and consumer research are the two main elements to optimize the boards. Boards offer you the chance to tell Pinterest how you will divide your brand into different categories. Board titles are the first main thing that users see in the profile. So try to use clear board titles. For this, you can use niche topic ideas for naming your board titles. To increase the engagement of the users, you need to make your boards to be covered with high-quality pins.

Enhance Board

6. Understand the working of the Pin

Pin matters a lot. Creating a proper pin you need some guidance. The color, font, size, and images all matter a lot. To create a perfect pin you need to follow the steps mentioned below;

  • Add images of 1000px by 1500px (Usable for mobile and desktop).
  • Use eye-catching colors to attract the audience’s attention.
  • Use simple yet catchy titles to increase users’ attention.

7. Be Expressive

Likewise, with your titles, it’s essential to get portrayals ideal for SEO on Pinterest. Counting definite portrayals (preferably with your objective catchphrases) assists Pinterest with finding and showing your pictures in applicable ventures.

Your portrayal gives clients a review of what the issue is. It could be the main factor in urging them to navigate to your site. Tell your crowd how the substance will profit them, what they will realize, or, in case you are posting an item, an intriguing certainty that separates your item from your rivals. A few sentences of around 100 characters all together is adequate to give some great detail. You may likewise consider adding hashtags to your portrayal to expand for these hunt terms.

8. Timetable Pins with Tailwind

Tailwind is the #1 Pinterest booking application available and is a ground-breaking (and reasonable) device with regards to becoming your Pinterest traffic.

With the work area or versatile application, you can utilize Tailwind to your Pins to be re-Pinned consistently to an assortment of sheets. You can likewise choose Pins from different makers to be shared with your sheets in order to broaden your compass. This application can save you long periods contrasted with sticking physically.

Additionally, the new option of Tailwind permits you to change your photographs into customized Pin plans. So you can make, distribute, and pin across the board place.

Timetable Pins

9. Focus on User Engagement

User engagement is very important in every marketing strategy. The greater the users’ engagement, the greater is the chances of increasing the pins. It means that your brand profile will be visible to a large audience, and it will automatically be in the suggested list of the audience. To increase the users’ engagement, follow the simple steps mentioned below;

  • You can link your Pinterest profile to other social media posts to increase brand awareness among the audience.
  • You can even collaborate with other audiences to increase your followers.
  • You can also invite other brands to collaborate on your Board to increase your brand’s worth.
  • You can even use text overlay on your images.
  • You can create different designs based on your business theme to increase user engagement.
  • Do pinning at least five times a day to increase your ranking position.
  • You should also follow appropriate boards to increase the growth of your network. It will also help you in increasing your Pin in the audience.
  •  You should track your profile’s performance to improve your tactics. For this, you can even use the Pinterest SEO strategy.

10. Join Different Boards

Grouped boards are boards facilitated by different makers who permit Pinners like you to stick to your content. Each gathering board is probably going to have its one of a kind arrangement of rules. However, the overall thought is that every part shares Pins from different makers to expand everybody’s range.

Boards are anything but difficult to recognize by the way that they will have numerous clients related to each board. Whenever you have joined a couple of gathering sheets, you can utilize a planning application like “Tailwind” to Pin your posts.

Tailwind has presented a total guide on the best way to discover and join bunch sheets. So, we energetically suggest you follow this guide in case you’re battling with it. If you are unable to give time to Pinterest marketing because of your exams. Then we suggest you ask some experts to do my online exam and focus on your strategy.

11. Optimize for Visual Search

Pinterest’s Lens innovation is a market chief in the visual inquiry. Directing a cell phone camera at a family unit thing or garment, Pinterest can distinguish the object and propose related Pins.

The lens is a captivating bit of innovation that is talented at understanding the parts of a picture to propose another related post. With the capacity to “read” a picture, this innovation urges creators to consider style well as watchwords.

12. Try Pinterest Ads

Another tip that you can use to drive traffic is by using Pinterest Ads. Pinterest offers you a variety of options to format your advertisement. You can even learn how to use these Pinterest Ads to promote your brand and increase your profile.

These are the few proven Pinterest SEO tips that you can use to drive traffic successfully. If you have a dissertation pending due to your business then we recommend you to take help from dissertation writing services. In the meantime, you invest your time in your business. Implement these tips and get successful results.


Q1: What is SEO marketing?

A1: It is the procedure of improving the quality and quantity of website traffic.

Q2: Is the information authentic?

A2: Yes, the information added in the blog is 100% proven. The added facts and figures are driven after thorough research work.

Q3: Are these tips beneficial?

A3: These tips are truly effective as the information added in the blog is taken from proper marketing study.