In recent years, the demand for websites is rapidly evolving and consequently, there is an increase in the market value of website developers. There are also multiple resources available on the internet to learn web development as a beginner, due to the ease of learning many people opt for this career option.

The availability of web development tutorials makes it easy for learners to practice and develop in-depth key skills in website development. However, you will find hundreds of tutorials on various lessons, it’s important to wide authentic and most reliable information.

For this, we have gathered the top 10 web development tutorials that can help you to enhance your skills and kickstart your career as a web developer. These online resources will help you to build a professional website, keep reading to know more information.

List of Top 10 Online Web Development Tutorials for Beginners

1. W3Schools

W3Schools is one of the leading learning resource platforms that offers skills to learn and practice both HTML and CSS. This learning platform believes practice makes perfection, once you complete each level, of course, you will be directed to the “try it yourself” page.

On this page, you can practice online coding and this helps beginners to get practical experience from learning. So, it encourages people to try and test out what they have learned. Which is truly a successful reinforcement of learning.

2. Coursera


Coursera was founded in 2012 by Andrew Ng and Daphne, professors of Stanford University. Coursera is an online learning platform, which offers university-level courses from leading institutes around the world. They have free online courses and also paid courses, you also get certificates at the end of the course by paying some fees.

Coursera offers various programming courses for beginners and also professionals, with a course duration of 4 to 10 weeks. Each program has weekly exercises, video lectures, projects, and exams.

3. GitHub for Beginners

Github is an open coding platform for web designers and developers that helps them to practice and collaborate in software development projects. You can master web designing and web development skills by using Github. As it helps beginners to learn and understand the key aspects of web development fundamentals.

4. Google Chrome DevTools

Google Chrome DevTools

Every professional web developer will have knowledge of working with Chrome DevTools. It offers various web developer tools that help to build great websites and edit pages in the google chrome browser directly.

Aspiring web developers can access web pages in Google chrome, also you can inspect and understand any problems more easily. Every web developer can inspect and examine the HTML and CSS in advanced levels. The Chrome DevTools also helps you to learn advanced theories like debugging in Javascript, console logs, or perform audits.

5. 30 Days to learn jQuery

jQuery is one of the programming languages, which helps web developers to create exceptional features and functionalities in the website. Moreover, it’s a client-side based programming language that enables you to create web pages that don’t have to reload to execute actions.
30 days to learn jQuery offers all the relevant tutorials and necessary tools that help you to become a top-notch jQuery web developer.

6. Coding Pitfalls for Beginners

Coding Pitfalls helps you to learn from the mistakes of peer beginners in web development, yes this tutorial provides useful insights from mistakes made by programmers.

Coding Pitfalls for Beginners tutorial can help budding web developers to avoid such mistakes and reduce the risk in debugging. This tutorial majorly focuses on Ruby, JavaScript, and PHP programming languages.

7. Codecademy

Codecademy gives practical knowledge with tutorials that helps you to finish your complete project with the right amount of information. This platform helps you to analyze more information throughout the course.

This tutorial platform offers free courses for beginners to learn the basic foundations through the interactive lesson and paid version available for professionals who want to learn more deep coding skills.

8. Mozilla Development Network

The Mozilla development network is developed by the Firefox web browser team. They offer a wide range of web development tutorials from beginner to advanced level. This web programmer tutorial helps students to learn HTML, CSS, and Javascript effectively.

9. FreeCodeCamp

FreeCodeCamp helps aspiring web developers to learn the relevant skills needed to become a successful web developer. All the tutorials are helpful to understand the practical aspects of coding. It helps beginners to write code from the beginning, as it’s essential for web developers to practice and write every code.

It splits every topic into short lessons and gives opportunities for learners to practice all the codings. The biggest advantage of their courses is, after successful completion of the course students get the opportunity to work on nonprofit organizational projects. This option helps beginners to build a stunning portfolio and showcase their talents to recruiters in job interviews.

10. Codepip

Codepip helps students to learn new concepts in a more interesting way, especially since web development requires learning more coding. However, coding is fun by learning on this platform and this also helps students to get a fresh mind after solving complex problems. Codepip is a platform that helps students to learn HTML, CSS, and Javascript concepts via coding games.

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Bottom Line

Whatever web development tutorials you choose, make sure to practice all the important web development concepts. You can also research the latest development trends to enhance your skills with the latest web designing techniques.

I hope these best web development tutorials can help you to get started in the world of web development. Remember to focus on front-end development as a beginner and then start learning complex web development subjects. Be determined, curious, hard-working, and finally, your efforts will pay double!

Best wishes, flaunt your wings as a web developer this year!