Taking a knowledge base seriously is a must for every business. A useful knowledge bases is good for the success of the business in the long run. If customers like your knowledge base, it sure will improve the affinity of your product in the market. The users find a knowledge base extremely useful to quickly resolve their queries.

Planning The Content


For creating the content of a knowledge base, one needs thorough planning and research.  Understand the product well and analyse all the areas where the client faces problems. The support teams can be of big help in understanding the nature of queries and potential queries.  Creating a knowledge base that covers every possible detail, is an essential.

Proper Formatting


A knowledge base must be properly formatted and easy to use. The sections on a knowledge base must be clear and must be easy to comprehend. The first impression of the knowledge base must be such that it is user friendly and contains all the required help. If your product has different features, then these features can be divided into sections for ease of use.

 Search Optimization

One of the other important aspects to understand in a knowledge base is search engine optimization. The knowledge base must be easily searchable on google, so that those looking for queries related to your product can easily find it. It should also be easily visible on the website and promoted appropriately.

Add Annotations

Annotations and images are a useful way to make the Knowledge base look good and user friendly. These make the user clearly understand the information that is provided in the knowledge base.

Follow a Style

Each article in the knowledge base must follow a theme. This helps the user to understand each one properly. This also provides a synchronized look to the knowledge base section. The writing style must also be same in all the articles to make them easy to understand.

Use Pointers

Pointers and listicles are useful in making the articles quick to read and grasp. Explaining each and every point clearly and using simple language can help in making the user comfortable with the knowledge base.

Add Additional Tips

Additional tips are a useful way to add information that will help your users, use the product better. Sometimes, simply providing know-how is not enough. Providing real live solutions to pain areas can help increase the usage of the product and improve client satisfaction.

Link Articles With Each Other

It is important to add link backs to other related help topics at the end of each article. This helps in improving the visibility and readership of each article. It also helps in improving the helpfulness of the knowledge base.

Keep The Knowledge Base Updated

Keeping the knowledge base updated is a must. One has to add all the newly added features to the knowledge base to ensure that the clients are not facing any issues with these features.

Search Option

Adding a search option to the knowledge base helps the users to find the appropriate answers to their questions. The search option must cover all the relevant keywords related to the help topics. This would help in making it simpler for the users.