Business control is best enabled by business process automation tools. A system of business process automation helps in improving business productivity and reduces the overall costs of doing a business.

The fact that that cloud computing has made its way to business processes, has improved the automation processes manifold.

Business processes have now started evolving from re-engineering to automation.

Since manual processes entail huge costs and time, automation helps in ensuring that the tasks can be completed in a timely manner.

Here are some key advantages of business process automation

Error Free Workflow


One of the key advantages of automating business processes is to ensure that the business processes are error free. Quick decisions can be made with process automation as every strategic move can be implemented with ease. The processes can flow easily with the relevant checks and balances.


 Business Analytics

One of the key components of business strategy is analytics. Business process automation ensures that the data required for analytics is easily available. Monitoring the business activities and doing an analysis of costs and benefits of each and every process must be a regular activity. Manual processes ensure that the business data is not readily available causing in delay of analytics processes.


Data Storage and Backup

One more important advantage of automating the business process is that the data can be easily stored and backed up. The business data is secure in an automated system. Tracking of business processes becomes easier and any sort of real time flaws in the system can be rectified.


Ease Of Management

A large number of requests and processes can be easily managed with automated processes. A large number of form submissions or any other such process can be managed with utmost ease. This improves the operational efficiency and capacity of the system.


Standardization of Procedures

One of key goals of a large enterprise is standardization of systems and processes. So, be it the HR or the financial function, each one has to standardise a process so the business can run smoothly. Business automation tool allows for standardization of systems and processes.


Integration Possibilities

Business automation ensures that systems and software can be integrated with each other so that their productivity can be enhanced, many times over. Suppose a business is looking to integrate online invoicing and CRM, the process would be extremely useful is making the workflow simpler, efficient and more cost effective.


Work Measurement

Business intelligence is the need of the hour, for measuring the output that is generated from each process. Business process automation does not just help in measuring goals but also ensuring that these goals are being met with ease. One can get to know about the deviations in the process, in a timely manner and this is crucial for every large enterprise.



Implementation of rules and regulations, imposed by government and authorities on a business can be a big challenge. Managing a process that complies and that is manual, is extremely difficult.  Processes like invoicing, invoice approval and invoice verification must go through stringent processes, so they are compliant and completely free from errors.  Compliance on individual level can also be made sure with the help of business automation.


Reduction in Process Turnaround Time

Automation of workflows helps in ensures that the processes work on optimum efficiency. This also ensures that there are no unnecessary tasks in the business. The flow of information across departments is smooth and the time taken for each.


Workload Reduction

Manually completed work can take a lot of time and effort. This can reduce employee productivity, many times over. Getting employees to work on what they know best is very important. Automation makes it easier to specialize in one aspect of the business. Since information gathering is simplified, one can easily process large amounts of information and get the work done quickly.

Here is an infographic that shows the benefits of automation: