There is an overabundance of tools and resources available for web designers and developers which they find these nothing less than a blessing for them. They are always enthusiastic to take benefit of them as these tools are intended to make their tasks quite easy and swift.

Check out the list of top 10 useful tools and resources for web designing and development. Then, let us know which one is your favorite (or if we missed any of your favorite tools) in the comments section below.

1. Pixel Dropr

It is a Photoshop plugin which lets web designers to create a collection of buttons, images, icons, graphics and other significant elements that can be dragged and dropped into any psd file.

2. Cloud Comp

This is lightweight tool which has been designed to share website mockups and app with the clients.

3. Tiltshift

If you desire to achieve an effect which makes your snaps looks like small-miniature, then you must try out this javascript library

4. BootMetro

If you want to get Windows 8 like metro design, then this is a tool which you should make use of.

5. Mailrox

This tool lets you to design wonderful email templates easily and swiftly. You just need to upload your design, slice it and then turn it into HTML email which will be compatible with most popular email marketing tools Mail Chimp or Campaign Monitor.

6. Placeit

Placeit is a simple drag-and-drop tool which allows you to take realistic screenshots of the objects in seconds.


PLTTS is an easy to find impeccable color- palette tool for your project on which you are currently working.

8. Alfred Workflows

If you are an Alfred user, then you must check our this CSS color conversion workflow.

9. What’s my Browser Size?

This tool lets you know the browser size of your window and adjusts consequently when you resize it. This tool can come in handy if you are managing media inquiries.


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