YouTube Music App, which is the one stop music centre for your mobile phones. YouTube Music is designed for endless music listening and contains a huge catalogue of music and videos which unlimited access. A place where you can find your favourite tracks, albums, artists and genres, YouTube Music allows music streaming and offline listening in the background without any video.


Features of YouTube Music App

  • Personalize your own music station based on your choice.

  • Find the new releases and trending music on a single space.

  • Find music of all genres, including rock, classical, pop, remix, country music, hip hop, etc.

  • Find the oldest music and videos recorded decades ago.

  • View concert footage and live recordings.

  • Ad-free interface (premium version).

  • Listen to offline music (premium).

  • Listen to the audio without loading video (premium).

YouTube Music App is currently available for Android and iOS devices. The app can be downloaded from your system devices’ application store. To download YouTube Music App for Android, go to the Google Play Store and search for YouTube music. Click on the install button and load it in your device. For iOS users, open the App Store on your iPhone and search for YouTube Music. Install the app on your iPhone.

How YouTube Music App works?

YouTube Music has arrived as a competitor for Spotify and Pandora bringing the largest music collection for your phone. It includes the amateur and professional recordings from independent artists providing them a platform to showcase their works and make you listen to them. More than 20 million songs are recorded by independent artists providing them a fan following and letting them get discovered.

The app includes a home screen consisting of three tabs- the home button, trending music and your favourite tracks. Simply click on the video you want to view and start enjoying the tracks. Its in-built player lets you play any music without exiting the app. YouTube Music also lets you like or dislike a video and you can easily share them on social networks. To exit the player, simply tap on the video and then on the down arrow on the upper left corner on the video.

The trending music tab includes music from certain categories like The Daily 40’s, Spotlight On: Visually Stunning and On the Rise. These categories include the greatest music of all times and you can find most of your favourite tracks in them.

The thumbs-up button indicates the like button. Here you will find all the tracks liked by you in the past and this lets you easily find any of your favourite tracks for instant listening.

The other button on the home screen includes the magnifying glass button which indicates searching tracks by song name, artists or albums. You can easily find your preferred tracks through this option and YouTube Music will list down the music and videos based on your search keywords.

The final button is the menu button, which represents with the three parallel lines at the top left corner of the home screen. Tapping the menu button will provide options like- switch your account, access recently played, help centre, send feedback and other additional settings. The switch your account option allows you to switch to any other YouTube Music account and access your favourite tracks from that account. Every separate account will include different music which is marked as favourites.

What is YouTube Red?

YouTube Red is the premium version of YouTube Music which benefits you from certain features like listening to tracks offline without loading video, ad-free interface, other features. With offline listening you can save loads of mobile data, the key problem which most users are concerned about. YouTube Red can be found at the bottom of the app home screen. Simply tap on it and you will get the YouTube Red toggle button at the top of the home screen. YouTube Red can be accessed just for $9.99 on Android and $12.99 on iOS devices.

YouTube Music is the ultimate app for music lovers having a user friendly interface and easy navigation, so you will love using it. If you want to discover the largest and greatest collection of music then YouTube Music is the right place for you.