Undoubtedly, YouTube is considered one of the best video hosting and sharing service. Initially, started as a service to host videos, YouTube has become the number 1 video sharing site of the world. It serves videos from different categories to different categories of people. The best part about it is that it is a free service and uploader can earn from it through the YouTube partner channel. The eCPM offered by YouTube is even more that of Google Adsense, which has lured many popular brands to cater more useful videos to the end-users.

Microsoft’s latest OS i.e. Windows 8 is now talk of the town. Microsoft has received tremendously positive response from the developers and the end-users alike. There are already thousand of free applications submitted to the Windows 8 store and is now open for submission of paid applications as well. It will eventually become an iTunes version of desktop application where only Windows 8 applications will be served. The latest software popped up in Windows 8 store is YouTube desktop app – the YouTube 8. As the name implies, it is a desktop application to watch YouTube videos on your desktop or Windows 8 PC. The application has Metro UI written all over it.

YouTube8 is a very sleek YouTube desktop application with slews of features that makes watching videos on Windows 8 not only a treat for eyes. but also delicious experience. It appeases the users by providing different options to tweak the settings for maximum performance. Don’t underestimate it to be just another YouTube downloader, because it is not. Moreover, we respect the policy of YouTube and Google webmasters that apprise bloggers from providing a way to download YouTube videos.

Users are present with abundance of options like Most Recent, Most Popular, Most Shared, Most Viewed, Top rated, Trending videos and many other options. Videos are displayed in medium thumbnails form below these categories, which is then expanded upon selection. Besides, it also displays title, author information, published date, rating, categories, comments and number of likes / dislike information. Like you see in the other places, clicking on Full Screen mode will open the video in full screen mode. Default settings like watch in 3D, resolution are provided in this mode. New videos scroll from left to right. The users are left with various options to choose from. The best option is display of videos according to the category.

If you’re interested in particular category, then clicking on the respective category will bring you all the videos tagged under that category. For example, entertainment category will provide all the videos under this category. Users can also search for the different videos from the search option. All in all, YouTube8 app is arguably the best desktop application for Windows 8 user.

For new Windows 8 users, there is also a Windows 8 partition manager application available, which lets you mange hard disk partition on your new Windows 8 system. It won’t take too long before you see much more useful application in Windows 8 store.

Stay tuned with us for more useful Windows 8 applications.