WordPress is the mother of all blogging platforms. With the gaining popularity of the blogs, WordPress too has significantly advanced from its earlier versions. WordPress provides so many plug-ins that can just take your blog to a whole new level. WordPress customization has become such a favorite mostly because of the options WordPress Customization has brought forward.

Have a blog, but don’t know how to optimize it? If this is a question that bothers you, then there are innumerable WordPress development companies all over the world that offer services in WordPress Customization. Following is a list of plug-ins that will help in improving your website vastly.

Akismet: Akismet is one of the most effective plug-ins available for WordPress. The majorities of WordPress users use and recommend this plug-in. Forget about spam comments on your blog, with Askimet in your kitty. Once you install it on your WordPress log, the rest is handled by Askimet itself. The best part is that it’s absolutely free!

All in One SEO Pack: TSEO is an integral part of any blog if you want it to survive and not become redundant. All in one SEO pack helps out with your search engine optimization. Installing this plug-in and then using it on your posts make it very search engine friendly.

SEO Rank Reporter: Publishing an article is like writing an exam, and the result is when you know the page rank. The SEO rank reporter is a simple plug-in that updates you with the current page rank of your article.

Slick Social Share Buttons: This is a must-have. Your blog posts must always have a share button. It ensures more and more people are exposed to your blog. Slick Social Network Share Button is an app that worked quite well with a lot of social media platforms.

Subscribe To Comments: If you have this plug-in installed on your WordPress blog, then your readers can easily subscribe to your blogs. WordPress customization ensures that the reader gets the notifications and therefore can visit your site again and again.

Redirection: A WordPress plugin to handle all your 301 permanent redirection and also take care of your 404 errors. This is a very helpful plugin for shifting permalink structure in your WordPress blog or simply changing certain URLs.

Personal Favicon: Your blogs Favicon, it its signature. The favicon is that tiny square that you can see when your web page’s tab is open. Personal favicon is a great plug in that manages your favicon easily. All you have to do is add your URL in the favicon box of the plug. The rest will be taken care of.

Really Simple CAPTCHA: Really Simple CAPTCHA adds a captcha to your blog so that it gets safeguarded from spam messages and mails. It also avoids spam clutters.

Jetpack by WordPress.com: Jetpack is by far the best plug-in that 2012 could bring to WordPress users. WordPress development companies are using this pack to elevate the WordPress websites of its clients. WordPress customization is a treat with this plug-in. This is a multi-tasking plug-in and its performance is superlative. This one is power packed with so many features that its true potential can only be gauged by a WordPress development company.

WordPress is a vast territory with so much to play with that what you can achieve with it I only limited by one’s imagination. You can take your blog to a whole new level. Exploit the best out of it with WordPress customization and relish the joys of being a WordPress blogger!