Windows and Linux are the two big players when it comes to the operating systems that are used to power a web server. Truthfully, however, the fight isn’t even close. It is estimated that Linux is used on more web servers than all other operating systems combined, it is also available more often on cheapest web hosting providers as well. Microsoft Windows actually comes in at third place on the list and, even though its market share has been continually growing over the last few years, it is a very distant third place. Most webmasters when faced with the decision as to which operating system to use will choose Linux if at all possible. 2015-06-24 12-14-40

The only real reason to use a Windows based server is if you have to because there is something about your site that requires it. This could be because your site was designed with FrontPage and needs more access than the extensions available on a non-Windows server provide. Your page might need to communicate with an Access database or might need MS SQL to run properly. If your pages were written to make use of Active Server Pages technology or it’s more recent replacements ASP.NET and WeMatrix then you are going to need a Windows server. All Microsoft programs are proprietary and the use of any of them necessitates your site being hosted on a Windows based server.

A Linux Web Server

A Linux web server does not require any complicated software in order to fulfill its duties. For most websites, a Linux server only needs to have four basic applications available in order to properly deliver that web page to a site visitor. All four of these software applications are released under the GPL meaning that they are open source. They are freely available for anyone who wishes to download and use them. His or her source code is also available for download if anyone wishes to examine it or modify it anyway to be more suitable for a particular application. This small group of four applications has come to be called the LAMP package.

Linux is the operating system that is in charge of everything else. It runs the entire server and is the framework that allows all of the other applications to be installed and function correctly. Linux is the most common choice for web servers because of its security, stability and reliability. You can be sure that your web server will have an exemplary uptime record while using the Linux operating system. Many times Linux is also cheaper than Windows due to proprietary licensing fees charged by Microsoft and because of higher hardware requirements to run Windows.

Apache is the program that actually delivers your web page. The Apache HTTP server takes your web page after all of the scripts that it may contain have been parsed and translates the resultant data into the proper language so that your browser can understand it and display the web page on your computer screen. If a web page were a letter, then Apache would be the mailman. 2015-06-24 12-23-37

MySQL is the name of the database server most commonly installed on a Linux web server. Many of the newer content management systems including WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla all require a MySQL database in order to operate properly. Each database that is created by MySQL has a unique user name and password that any application trying to access that data must possess. This prevents unauthorized access to any of the data that is stored in a MySQL database.

PHP is a powerful programming language and the most popular one used in the Linux environment. Many other applications are written in PHP, including Apache, as are the majority of scripts written into dynamic web pages. These four simple, free software applications work together to deliver more than half of all of the pages on the internet. A web server is the workhorse that delivers information to the world.

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Advanced Hosting Savings

A Host Gator coupon code is available that you can use on specialized, advanced hosting options on, which is owned by HostGator. Google and other search engine give less weight to back links that come from other sites that are hosted on the same class c ip block. They do this because this usually means that the sites are owned by the same person and the search engines do not want to reward someone for cross-linking their own sites.

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These days, it seems as if everyone is making use of the Internet, including those people who you wouldn’t normally think that would use it. With this being the case, we’re seeing a lot of people taking the plunge and coming up with a website of their own. This does create a financial need for many – most hosting isn’t free, though that’s not to say that there isn’t a way to receive VPS hosting for your website. In fact, there are a multitude of ways for you to get exactly what you’d want out of VPS hosting, allowing you to have a website to your specifications without having to pay a single red cent. Here, we’ll tell you about some of the opportunities in which you can get it!

Any of these methods will give you a free website though the amount of customization you’ll get from them will obviously vary.

As earlier stated, you have a few ways for you to get your hands on free hosting. For example, you may be able to receive a free website from your Internet service provider. So, not only do they give you a few email addresses, but they may even pony up some valuable free web space. With this route, there are a few things that you want to look out for – added surcharges on your bill, a strict limit in terms of space, or a URL that you probably wouldn’t be too happy with. Then again, if they’re just handing it out for free, you really can’t complain too much.

In addition to using your ISP, you also have the ability to use any of the popular web hosting companies that are out there. Blogspot is easily the most popular destinations for people who are looking for free. Of course, there are some drawbacks here. For example, you won’t really have your own TLD. Instead, you’ll receive a page on the host’s directory of websites. This is much like the problem when you use the services of an ISP for web space. The domain name doesn’t look very attractive and really doesn’t do well for establishing your site as an authority. If you’d want rights to the domain name, you’d obviously have to pay a fee. Other times, they may extend a trial period for the hosting or the use of a unique domain name.