Apple’s dominance, both in terms of sales and innovation, has forced other developers and manufacturers to partner their hardware and operating systems to come up with a successful competitor. Samsung plus Google’s Android plus Windows 8, or any combination of these and others is seen as the only way to combat Apple’s global power. So Windows 8 could be the potential answer for all these companies to mount a challenge. Microsoft have been no slouches in keeping up with recent developments, even if they have made a few boo-boos in their rush to launch products before they are fully tried, tested and, more importantly secured.

Update Today

The great thing about today’s connectivity is that, whatever the glitch, the solution can be downloaded and updated, before it’s not too late. Windows 8 has done all it can to shake off Microsoft’s wobbly reputation, keeping up-to-date with the latest operating developments. What will happen is that Apple will come out with something totally new, which means that, in the near future, Microsoft, Samsung, Google et al will in turn piggyback to that and force Apple to overtake their latest innovation.

Too Big, Too Small

So if laptops are too big to lug around, and mobiles too small to see, tablets are the solution for now and the near future. This is where Windows 8 is clearly aimed, although the operating system is designed to be used on convertible laptops. But the smaller size of a tablet has forced all developers, not only Microsoft, to re-organize, minimize and take usability to the nth degree. They are, after all, trying to fit a quart into a pint pot, so something has to either go, or get shrunk to invisibility. However, Microsoft’s developers have grasped this, meaning that only the stuff that users want is actually on the screen, while the other stuff is hidden, but easy to access. This would really seem to be the answer to what to put where.

Best Friends Forever

Most manufacturers, such as Toshiba, Acer, Dell and, well anyone who’s not Apple, are offering tablets with Windows 8 running underneath. The new models from many manufacturers on offer show that the operating system is trusted to see out this batch of models, for the next two or so years, until a new revolution forces developers to put their products on to our Google glasses or wristwatch devices. But Microsoft have scored a big hit with Windows 8, fighting off, for now, the insurgence of Android and attracting major manufacturers to include the operating system with their tablets. But why not? Windows 8 is the perfect platform for tablets, less perfect for a dedicated professional PC.

Until Tomorrow

Microsoft have launched themselves at the tablet market and Windows 8 has both justified their belief and hopefully put their ghosts behind them. It only remains to be seen what Apple do next, and what Microsoft and everybody else does after that in this exciting and unrelenting game of piggyback.

This article was written by Lauren Roberts, a customer service adviser and passionate guest blogger at ARC Systems, Essex’s leading IT and telecoms support service.