Steve Ballmer, Chief Executive of Microsoft corporation, seems to be quite confident about their recently released Windows 8 operating system. He claims that the new operating system is having a higher sales rate than windows 7, last release of Microsoft in 2009. Ballmer says, “We’re seeing preliminary demand well above where we were with Windows 7, which is gratifying” .

There is no doubt that Windows 7, that has sold more than 670 million licenses since its release three years ago in 2009, has been the best selling version of Windows till now.

Ballmer at an event in San Francisco showcased the phones that were running on Windows 8, which was launched on Friday and will be available at the stores by this weekend. He says, “Over the weekend we saw an incredible response around the globe to Windows 8 and the Microsoft Surface,” He praises the newly launched operating system, designed to give a tough competition to Apple’s iPad. Apparently, he did not give any estimation about the sales figure.

According to tech research firm IDC, Microsoft has struggled really hard to make way for itself in the Smartphone market and holds 3.5 percent of the worldwide market, whereas the same research showed that Google’s Android devices hold 68 percent and Apple’s iPhone holds 17 percent of the worldwide market.

Microsoft showed how the new phones are making use of its SkyDrive cloud service, that allow users to transfer and sync music, photos and documents between computers, Xbox game console and tablets. Microsoft now comes with 120,000 apps in its online stores for phones, which is still less than the number available to the Android and Apple users.

With such positive news smoking around for Windows 8, who knows Windows 8 might bring something good for Microsoft.