Swift is a recent addition to the fairly long list of programming languages that have adorned our computer screens since a long time now. While not much time has passed since its introduction, Swift App Development is being called as the very future of mobile application development.

So, what’s such a big deal about Swift? Why are businesses and app developers alike, opting for it over other languages?

Let’s look at the probable reasons:

  • Being new is an advantage

Being relatively new in the market of computing languages is one of the biggest advantages of Swift in iOS app development. While it did appear about 3 years ago on June 2, 2014, but it wasn’t until April 21, 2017, that it saw a stable release by Apple Inc. Objective-C, on the other hand, has been with us for more than 3 decades; even longer in some ways – considering it was just an extension of the C-language in the first place. Unable to support the various functionalities of Objective-C, Apple released it separately.

  • It’s created in open source

The best thing about open source is obviously the user being allowed to make changes to the source code. To hire iPhone app developers for every small thing becomes unnecessary. Not just the up-gradation of code, but upgrading email list and bug tracker periodically is also some of the other things that one can do with Swift. Being the robust programming language that it is, going through the technical documentation is also not a problem at all. Because of a bug tracker called Jira, we even have iOS app developers who can suggest their own resolutions.

  • Requires a lesser coding time

With Swift, an iOS app developer doesn’t need to devote a whole lot of time to get done with the coding. It requires fewer lines of code, and hence consumes lesser time compared to other languages to create that code.

  • It’s swift to code!

It’d be difficult to find an iOS app developer who would mind working with Swift programming language. Among many reasons, one is its ability to compile at a faster rate than its counterpart, Objective-C. While in Objective-C, there were no more than a few classes that made the process slow, Swift really lives up to its name when it comes to coding. The data management, therefore, picks up the good pace when one works with this programming language. This, in addition to the way we saw developers can rewrite several pieces of code, makes Swift simply terrific.

  • It’s a multi-faceted language

A programming language with more than one facets, Swift stands at a big advantage for the iOS app developers working with it. They don’t have much problem understanding the language, and almost every iPhone app development company would agree – making mobile apps, whether too simple or complex, has been made a bit easier because of Swift. Even the low powered Apple watches have been found easier to build because of this revolutionary language.

  • Excellent to develop business applications

Mobile applications have found most of their applications in e-commerce. And therefore, it is companies and enterprises that hire iPhone app developers to further their businesses. In this regard too, Swift is proving to be really efficient and user-friendly, making it one of the leading programming languages to develop business applications.

  • Effective utilization of memory

Memory consumption is another area of worry for developers, usually – but definitely not, when it comes to Swift. Compared to Objective-C which used to consume some of the RAM or Random Access Memory due to an object-link. Swift switched from being a single object oriented program to structures. The memory consumption, due to a reduction of SDK classes, was made even more efficient henceforth.

  • It works with Android as well!

It’s a myth that Swift can only work for iOS app development. Not just applications based on iOS, but also Android, Swift is a programming language that’s being effectively used to make extremely useful apps in Android that are fully functional. Though it has been created by Apple Inc., an adapted by Linux amongst other programs, it can do wonders with Android operating system as well.

Swift is a mobile application developing language, which has done an exceptional job of competing with it s old and wise programming counterparts. The ease of coding, the reduced time to compile, and the fact that it’s made in open source are just a few of the many advantages that Swift can easily boast of!