9th September 2020 is an exciting day in the world of Pixel device owners and some other android owners as well. Finally, on this day, we got the official Android 11 operating system update. Google has announced the rollout of new Android 11 for Pixel 2 or later Pixel lineups. Moreover, you can also experience Android 11 in Xiaomi, OnePlus, and Realme smartphones as well.

The Pixel 1 the original on Pixel is not getting it. So if you’ve got a Pixel 2 or newer you’re going to get Android 11. Also right now the OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro we’re getting at North America and Europe and some other places and a couple of other beta device programs. So right now if you’re a Pixel owner go ahead and go download it and enjoy all of your Android 11 goodness.

Let’s go Deeper and Find Out New Features and Changes in Android 11

In Android 11, there are some really cool new features that they included in. Here in this blog, I will talk about those.

New 10+ Features and Changes in Latest Android Version 11

1. Enhanced Power Menu

A previous pixel feature drops or cards and passes come to google pixel hardware but Android 11 enhances the pop-up menu when pressing and holding the power button on your lock screen, gives you the power to access all your smart home devices. The google assistant is now visible from this enhanced power menu.

2. Design Updates for Media Player

You are no longer bound by annoying disorganized controls in the notification section. As part of the media restart portion of Android 11, universal media controls now live in your notification toggle section.

The lock screen media player now has some very minor design updates. They have removes the popular album art when media is playing.

The selection button when media is playing has been streamlined to help you quickly choose where audio plays and the volume levels of each of those devices. Previously playing media can be resumed from the quick settings panel or disabled entirely within the settings application.

Allowing you to quickly view all of your recently listened to music when tapping the play pause button on playing media you might now notice a ripple animation or glow effect to denote activation of media controls.

3. Mark Messaging Applications as Conversations

The notifications finally got better now. Texting your telegram or signal or whatever you’re using you’ve now got a special notification pop-up in the down in the drop-down that will show you your notifications on your conversations.

Android 11 now lets you mark messaging applications as conversations. Within the notification section for quicker access, a subsection is available that gives you more prominent access.

The settings menu subsection now lets you manage and view your entire device. Notification history including a detailed application-based history of what and who you’ve received notifications for and from.

The spacing in the notification section has been increased with much more space. This will let you prioritize conversations. Also, you can mute notifications for particular conversations.

4. Floating UI Bubbles

In a manner similar to Facebook, Messenger some of the applications that can utilize notification bubbles include google messages.

We’ve got official chat bubbles. So it’s something that kind of rolled out in android 10 and with the RCS chat. These all other good stuff but they’re on board with the chat bubbles now. So if you use a google pixel device or else with Android 11, then you get the chat bubbles.

5. Built-in Screen Recorder

The built-in screen recorder is a long-awaited feature that might even be so late people have stopped carrying but you can now record your screen audio without needing to use a third-party application.

6. Pop-up UI While Taking a Screenshot

When taking a screenshot you’ll get a new smaller pop-up UI with preview rather than having to head to your notification section. The shortcuts will allow quick share or edit an image. Unfortunately, there is no scrolling screenshot option live in Android 11.

7. Greater Privacy Controls

When you’ve accepted app permissions and haven’t used an application for a while, it will be reset until you relaunch the application. This can be disabled on an app within the settings application.

8. Resize Floating Videos

When viewing videos you can grab and resize any of these floating videos on your home screen by tapping holding and dragging the upper left corner of the video player.

Another cool thing about Android 11 is media controls. When you have music playing, alongside you got youtube video playing in the background the dropdown will have a little menu for media control.

So you can control stuff there and it will be an overlay as part of an extension the drop-down menu which is convenient.

9. Redesigned Sound Pop-up

The volume or sound pop-up is now more compact with added icons and extra flair. As part of the redesigned sound pop-up panel, you can now control the device or indeed system volume.

The volume menu that allows you to adjust the sound of particular devices has now simply been renamed to sound.

10. Dark Mode Scheduling

All right next order of business is dark mode scheduling. Now some people like light mode, some people like dark mode, some people like to go back and forth between or some people just don’t like others.

Whatever, whether you like light mode or dark mode it’s great if you want to switch to dark mode because light mode uses as much power to produce all those white lights.

Well, now you can schedule it so you can set up a time for when dark mode turns on just like blue light mode.

11. Improved Wifi Connection

An auto-connect option is now available within the wi-fi settings. Network emergency alerts are now available in Spanish and not just English on top of that wireless. Emergency alerts can now be added to the exceptions within the do not disturb settings.

12. Auto Filling Passwords

Auto filling passwords and account details are now possible in Android 11 directly from your keyboard. It currently works with Gboard with more developers able to implement the feature in the future.

13. Brand New Emoji

Say hello to 117 brand new emoji plus some redesigned originals and returned to some of those classic designs.

14. Wireless Auto

Now with Android 11, they have wireless android auto which is fantastic updates. Now you have a wireless auto system. If you have a car that supports android auto, you probably enjoy it. As well other than the fact that you have to plug your phone in and keep it plugged into the car to use it.

Other Interesting Features in New Version of Android 11

  • When locked down mode is enabled within the power menu this will now appear as a floating menu for you to restart or power off your device.
  • You can even swipe away Media controls into the notification toggle section. This will hide plain media until you interact or fully expand the notification shade again.
  • File size limits are now removed in higher resolution recording formats including 1080p and 4k applications are now able to use.
  • With android auto, no cables mean no potential issues. Android 11 also now lets you connect wirelessly to compatible cars.
  • When using a wireless charger you’ll get a very brief pop-up on your lock screen.
  • Three new icons are joining the preset theming options within pixel themes including a ticket stub misshapen circle and an octagon.
  • The force 90-hertz option which was available as part of the pixel 4 is now called smooth display.
  • As part of Android 11, your selected wallpaper will now have a minor parallax effect when opening your app drawer or swiping down into the notification.
  • The shed icons and menu options within the settings menu now have a slightly larger look with added color giving them greater values.

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Wrapping UP

These are some list of new features and changes that every user will see or encounter in the full release of Android 11 for google pixel and selected OnePlus, Oppo, Xiaomi, and Realme phones.