Since the launch of the first iPhone in 2007, Apple has been releasing newer models every year. The iPhone 5, which was released in 2012, received criticism because its features weren’t significantly different from the iPhone 4S. Since then, speculations have been rife about what the next iPhone will offer, especially in the face of stiff competition from Android phones. Though the sales numbers of the iPhone 5 were much better than the previous versions of iPhone, still competing with Android powered phones has been an arduous task for Apple owners. With average features and high price there is not much for the customers, apart from the brand name.

Keeping with its ‘two phones a year’ trend, it’s likely that Apple will first release the iPhone 5S in June, followed by the iPhone 6 later in the year. Here’s the prediction of the new features that the iPhone 5S or iPhone 6 might have:

  • Price – One of the disadvantages that Apple faces in the booming markets of Asia and South America is the high cost. This can be sorted out by offering cheaper iPhone for these markets. However, if it has to keep up with the competition, Apple cannot offer a lower-priced phone without same features as that of iPhone 5.

  • Camera – As several android phones, including the Samsung Galaxy S4, HTC One and Sony Experia Z, offering Super HD pictures with a 13 Megapixel camera, either the next iPhone will offer the same or it may come up with a better resolution. Nokia Lumia and HTC are currently the market leaders.
  • NFC – The iPhone 5 disappointed fans as it didn’t offer contact-less payments that other NFC enabled phones support. The next iPhone will take away this disadvantage by supporting NFC.
  • iOS 7 – It’s likely that the iPhone 5S will run on the existing operating system, while the iPhone 6 will run on iOS 7. Recently Apple demonstrated the new iOS 7 interface which had quick access to preferences menu, a popover home screen menu, editing settings like brightness, and contrast right from the home screen. Here is a video from iOS 7.
  • Processor – The iPhone 5 has the A6 processor, so in all probability, the iPhone 6 will have A7, which will offer more power and better efficiency, thereby increasing battery life. The rumors have it that the iPhone 6 will be powered by an A7 processor and will be launched somewhere in 2014. According to the Korea Times, TSMC, will take over manufacture of the Apple A series processors in early 2014 with a new 20-nanometer processor.

  • Eye tracking technology – This is one area where Apple has fallen behind, with several competitors offering phones with eye tracking technology. The next iPhone will incorporate either eye tracking or a similar motion sensor technology to keep up with this trend.
  • Phone Case – Some rumors indicate that the next iPhone may have plastic casing. However, this is debatable and might be the casing that will be used for the low cost iPhone’s.  According to new concept designs and rumors, the iPhone 6 will have a waterproof body, as shown by the Sony Xperia Z. Apart from this, apple is also thinking of making the new iPhone more resistant to free falls. According to a new patent. “Protective Mechanism for an Electronic Device” Apple is working on an invention which will make fall on more resistive area of the phone preventing damage to the body while in mid-air.
  • Storage – Already there is an iPad with 128GB storage. So, there is a possibility that a 128GB option will be offered in the high-end model.

As the customers eagerly wait for the next iPhone to be launched, its competitors have already gained an upper hand with products like Samsung Galaxy S4, HTC One and Blackberry Z10, it is going to be a rough path for Apple.