There are various things which we want to cut short to save some time in our work flow. How cool would it be if you just drop a PDF in a folder and it automatically gets visible in Kindle? If the photographs automatically gets scaled to a smaller size? All this can be possible with the Wappwolf application that automates the content from your Dropbox or Google Drive account.

More About Wappwolf

“Wappwolf is the latest document workflow engine that utilizes the full potential of state of the art web technology. Its users can enjoy a wide range of community provided apps that can be clubbed together in user generated workflows that are used to generate, process and deliver all kinds of business or personal documents.” were introduction lines by Wappwolf itself. This app has a suite of apps that can be connected to certain cloud services to cut down your time in the work flow. It can connect to Evernote, Facebook, Flickr and many other web services to drag and drop the files into a certain folder. The application will automatically convert and sync the files to your favorite places.Very soon, Wappwolf is going to launch skydrive and box automator.

How it Works?

Wappwolf automator connects to your Dropbox or Gdrive account and examines the folders of your choice for particular type of files you specify. When the Wappwolf finds anything matching to the criteria you have created, it automates the file and send it to the desired folder. For example, if you have a folder in the name of “Latest pictures” that contains all the new pictures imported in your Google drive or Dropbox account in JPEG format, Wappwolf will notice the update and scale them down, add text and do other automation on its own. It will create a processed folder containing the latest pictures as well. Thus, in this way Wappwolf simplifies your work and saves your time too.

Great Features Offered by Wappwolf

35+ must-have actions for productivity geeks
Always have your toolbox with you, no matter where you are
You can automate your Dropbox.
You can resize, rotate, beautify and convert the images.
Files can be easily converted or Unzipped with any format.
Email attachments can be opened straightaway in Wappwolf
Docs can be transferred anywhere in the world
by fax
– You can send real world postcards with your photos quickly.
– Photos and docs can be shared on all major social networks.

Why Might Be a Killer ?

We all think that anything that saves efforts, time and money is a productivity booster at the workplace. Although there are several solutions available over the internet, but none of them is actually helpful in solving the problem. Wappwolf make documents handing a FUN task, as it takes care of the actions that are extremely repetitive. With this application you can have your full photo, edited documents and toolbox sharing facility, all in one.


Final Words

We really like the concept behind this application. This solid web application is a great service if you make it into your day-to-day practice. One can keep his files in a cloud and cut down some time from your workflow. Reduce the number of applications in your life and switch to Wappwolf to be more productive. Over 40 apps can be linked to each other. It automates the things in just one step, for which it used to take me 3-4 steps. We have tried this app and we just love it, why don’t you give it a try!!