According to TIME magazine, reading makes people smarter and nicer. It improves vocabulary and the capacity to empathize with others. A lot of people take the opportunity during travel or vacation to delve into otherwise unopened novels. But with the busy lives most people lead, some forget to throw a novel or nonfiction book into their bags before catching a flight. With all the advantages of reading and the conveniences of eBooks and eReaders, there’s no reason to forget your books at home the next time you travel.

Stepping Back From Socializing

With the fast-paced nature of today’s world, people are always available and always socially connected. Take the opportunity while you travel to step back from all of the socializing you do on a day-to-day basis. There are reports that some airlines may be able to offer texting and talk in flight in the near future. Resist the urge to keep up with your social media accounts while traveling and sink into an eBook. If you’re too afraid to completely give up technology while on vacation, an eReader can make you feel like you’re still using a device, but your experience will be like reading a printed book from the library; only much more convenient. Psychology Today reports that some people, especially introverts, experience exhaustion after over-socializing. Use a plane, car, or bus ride as a chance to rest your social skills. The same report suggests reading as a way to feel the same happy effects of socialization, but through an individual, quiet and relaxing activity. eBooks provide endless hours of reading during travel and vacation, because you can keep thousands of them on your eReader or another device that hosts eBooks.

Reading for Free

Even if you’re on a tight budget, so many eBooks are offered for free through various online sources. Classics, one-time specials, or even borrowing books from a friend won’t put any more strain on your travel budget. Search free eBook when you’re looking for good deals before you leave on your trip. Not all of the best novels cost money. Saving money will definitely help you relax while you’re traveling.

Reconnecting With the World

It may seem strange to say that reading allows you to reconnect with the world, but within books you’ll experience magical worlds, places you will never physically travel to, and impressive explanations of historical events, among so many other exciting possibilities. Have you been aching to read that series of books, but don’t want to drag along 7 novels with you? Especially when it’s advantageous to avoid checking luggage, it’s important that you can fit all of your reading material on one device. If you’re like some avid readers and become anxious about running out of books while on a trip, bringing along a large selection of eBooks will calm those worries.

Most people incorporate vacation and travel into their lives as a means to relax, but many find themselves responding to work emails and phone calls. Turn off all of your electronic devices except your eReader and get lost in an eBook the next time you travel. You probably won’t regret it.