Looks like US authorities are getting strict and are catching hold of all the piracy driven websites. Three websites got seized by the US authorities that were involved in the process of allocating pirated android phone apps. Visitors to the sites will get disheartened by seeing a seizure banner informing that the website has been seized by the US authorities.

“Cracking down on piracy of copyrighted works including popular apps is a top priority of the (Justice Department) criminal division, Software apps have become an increasingly essential part of our nation’s economy and creative culture, and the criminal division is committed to work with our law enforcement partners to protect the creators of these apps and other forms of intellectual property from those who seek to steal it”, these were the words said by Assistant Attorney General Lanny Breuer.

After this scandal, US authorities got more alert and allotted the task of investigation to the FBI and during the investigation FBI agents downloaded thousand copies of famous copyrighted mobile device apps from other markets that were suspected to follow the same procedure of allocating or distributing apps without seeking permission from the software developers and to everybody’s surprise, these servers containing such apps were accommodated in other countries.

And not to miss out, International Law Enforcement helped the FBI a lot in getting the evidence stored in these servers.

To catch hold of all such websites, US task force took a huge effort of carrying out nine search warrants in various parts of US.