Twitter introduced some updates to its Android and iPhone apps on Tuesday, re-introducing some well-liked interesting features and adding new enhancements as well. But the updates don’t effect all mobile tweeters symmetrically.

Both updated apps bring back the swipe features. This move permits users to reply to, favorite and share tweets as well as facility to retweet the posts which you like and view other user profiles. The updated Android and iPhone apps also both introduce a feature which has been designed to accelerate the process of exploring friends on Twitter via already existing phone & email contact lists.

The Android update optimizes Twitter to run on the Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablet, Barnes & Noble’s Nook and Nook Color tablets as well as on the Ice Cream Sandwich version of the platform.

People who access Twitter from their iPhones will observe most of the changes. The company has returned the capability to press and hold text to copy user profiles and the body of tweets. And a new “Read-it-Later” option will now save the links within tweets for later enjoyment. To activate the “Read Later Service” option, need to go to the Settings menu and then click on “Advanced”. By this sharing feature.This will join choices to tweet, copy or email links via the Twitter mobile app.

Twitter has also revamped the design of the direct messages section for iPhone users, and brought back the facility to mark all messages as unread. Also, iPhone users can change their font size, too.