As per Twitter’s latest announcement, it adds stickers, GIFs, and ‘Twemoji’ to its ephemeral (Snapchat Stories, such as Feets). The stickers are prepared for users on both iOS and Android.  

When you make a Fleet, you can add stickers by tapping the emoji available on your screen’s bottom row. After doing so, you will be able to view a group of Twitter-made emojis (Twitter calls “Twemoji”) and animated stickers. 


And if you find anything in the search bar, which is at the top of the screen, Twitter will pick up GIFs sourced from Facebook-owned Giphy and Tenor. If you have ever utilized stickers on Instagram or Snapchat, this latest feature would seem similar to you. This is because both Instagram and Snapchat have provided it for several years. 

However, Twitter is still in its initial stage with Fleets, which was introduced to everyone in November, so maybe stickers are only a primary symbol of more additions to occur.